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An Intro to CS:GO Skins, OPSkins and the Skins Economy

Let’s see, gotta write this article about intangible guns, rifles, knives and the marketplace where you can get them. Here goes nothing.

If you’re into Multiplayer Online First Person Shooters or MOFPS for short (kinda), and I bet you are if you’re reading this, then you are very much aware of the eSport that is Counter-Strike and its no-so-latest incarnation, CS:GO (Short for Counter Strike: Global Offensive).

Not only that, but you might even be aware of the market that has spawned out of the game’s weapons “skins” trade (you must be if you’re reading this blog).

We sure are.

From the legend that is the AWP series, to the lesser known Negevs, you can get them all here at OPSkins.

But unless you’re a Twitch streamer or an eSport athlete, why would you want to spend your daddy’s hard earned college money on a gun that you can’t actually use for you know, real life stuff? Well, for starters, you won’t make headline news by shooting other players online, a good thing considering that kind of thing is seriously frowned upon. You will however, look amazing on the in-game kill cam after you’ve shot someone with your recently acquired factory new SMG, LMG, Rifle, Handgun or Shotgun.

The most expensive CS:GO skins can go for four figures (never mind the trolls selling some guns for $99,999.99) and in some very rare occasions, five (yes I’m looking at you FN Dragon Lore), but most can be acquired for a few bucks. You don’t need to earn thousands of dollars of sponsorship money in order to own a good looking, in-game gun.

OPSkins is a marketplace – in fact the largest in the world with more than one million users and processing 50k+ transactions per day – and as such if you look often and patiently enough you will find that awesome looking gun that you like for the right price. You don’t need to have a 150k inventory. What you have to be sure of before you buy is if you want 1) a weapon that just looks good for your every day TDM or 2) if you want a weapon that is an investment.

As is in a typical market, the prices on OPSkins are set by supply and demand otherwise known as CS:GO Analyst. So when a new skin rolls off on a Valve update, it is usually at it’s highest selling point. Then the price plummets and it stabilizes, kind of like a stock; a stock that can be manipulated by the machinations of Mr. Gaben and his development team. They can drive a skin price into the ground by “nerfing” a weapon or spike it through the roof by making said gun a requirement for unlocking other “cooler” skins through trade ups. We will further explore these fluctuations in the future, for now just know that the price of your “skin” rests on Mr. Gaben’s hands.

We will also go into detail with regards to a weapons “float,” what affects it, and its selling history in the brief year that OPSkins has been operating. Notice that I’ve been referring to the guns only, knives are a whole other story that will be explored.

Without further ado, welcome to the largest online CS:GO skins market OPSkins.com and to your new go-to blog about the game, the market and the industry.


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