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A Small Update to the CS:GO Gloves and Arms

All Gloves Updated
All new gloves – Source; http://bit.ly/1RfF6t6

The first week of 2016 started off with a minor but very nice visual update for the arms and gloves of both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, which could have new implications for the future of the Steam Market and OPSkins.com Market, or so some people theorize. Whether there will be new glove skins available for purchase or not is still up in the air until it is either confirmed or denied by Valve. Be that as it may, the new graphics are definitely looking good and are a fresh breath to the game.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive was in need of a graphics update for a while, since the game hasn’t received any since it was released back in August 2012. With the new visuals for the arms and gloves in addition to the new arming and defusing animations for the bomb, it seems like Valve has finally decided to start on that process. We will all wait and see with bated breath if the future brings more of these updates, hopefully bringing new life to the game. It is definitely heartening to see the care put into this game, despite it being almost four years old, and the community is bigger than ever with a peak of more than 800,000 players by December 2015. Counter Strike: Global Offensive can definitely look forward to continued success, in part because of the up-rise of its eSports scene, and also because of the popularity of the Market and wealth it has brought to both the users and the entrepreneurs that brought different services to the table (such as CSGOShuffle for gambling or OPSkins.com for it’s third-party market).

In-game Screenshot – Courtesy of Hades | OPSkins.com

Aside from that, all we can do is just wait and watch to see how the game and community evolves.



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