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Month: April 2017

New: Instant-Sell Feature

Update 6/1/17: You can now Instant Sell additional CS:GO items (everything except cases and knives). You can now also cashout your Instant Sell earnings, and subscriptions can now be purchased with OP.

You can now instantly turn your unwanted CS:GO keys into funds to purchase other items on OPSkins. Our new Instant-Sell feature allows you to sell your keys directly to OPSkins in exchange for Operation Points (OP), that you can then use to purchase any other item for sale on our marketplace – even if it’s from a different game.

That means you no longer have to list your keys for sale and wait for a buyer to purchase them in order earn Wallet Funds to buy other items (although you can still do that if you wish). And you get to shop from the entire OPSkins inventory, so you can get the exact item(s) that you want with your OP. There’s a 1:1 exchange rate of OP to USD, so for example an item that’s listed on OPSkins for $4.89 will cost you 4.89 OP to purchase.

Here’s how it works:

How to use Instant-Sell on OPSkins:

Visit your OPSkins Inventory page and click the Instant-Sell button beneath “Instant-Sell your Inventory Items for Operation Points”

After you add your items it will show you what your new OP total is, as well as the total OP earned from the transaction. Then click “Instant-Sell Items For [amount]”

Your OP balance will be shown in blue to the right of your Wallet Funds balance.

When making a purchase, your OP balance will be the default preferred method of payment. If the cost of your item is greater than the amount of OP you have, the full cost of the item will be deducted from your OPSkins Wallet Funds balance (you can’t pay for one item with a combination of OP and Wallet Funds, it must be one or the other).

Please note that OP is not cashoutable, and OP cannot be used to purchase subscriptions such as Buyer’s Club or Premium Membership.

With the initial rollout of the Instant-Sell feature, only CS:GO keys are eligible. Other item types, and later on other games, will be available for Instant-Sell in the future.


Wallet Funds: funds earned when you list an item for sale on OPSkins and it’s purchased by a buyer, and/or funds you purchased from the Add Funds page. Operation Points (OP): funds earned by using the Instant-Sell Feature