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Month: October 2016

The New H1Z1 Infernal Crate

Image Courtesy of Daybreak Game Company

Daybreak’s server maintenance on October 25th also brought with it the Infernal Crate and just in time for Halloween (speaking of which …). The crate features 27 new items and all of them with a Halloween theme or as Daybreak put it: “Summon your inner demons with the new Infernal Crate! From Frankenswine’s Mask to Arachnid Tactical Gear, the Infernal Crate takes evil to a whole new level.”

Since the crate was released on October the 25th these items should become tradeable seven days after they drop which means that we will begin to see them listed on our marketplace around November 1st and you will be able to buy them seven days after that.

The crate contains two new gears and one new suit, plus an Ultra Rare shotgun, an Ultra Rare rifle and two Ultra Rare Demon Masks that glow in the dark.

The crate can be acquired as a random in-game drop or by purchasing it from the in-game store. The random drop will be a locked crate and you will need crowns to unlock it. The purchased case is sold unlocked.

Now we just have to hope that they release an entire set for the Demon Masks.

Infernal Green Demon Mask (Ultra Rare) – Courtesy of Daybreak Game Company






Update 10/31/16: There will also be runner-up prizes (2nd place: $500 in OPSkins Wallet Funds / 3rd place: $250 in OPSkins Wallet Funds).

OPSkins is giving away what can only be described as the best possible CyberPowerPC Gaming System imaginable, worth $10,000:

  • CyberPowerPC – Fang III – Black Mamba – Fully Water-cooled with reservoir and 30% Over-clock from the factory and a ASUS ROG SWIFT 34″ 3440×1440 IPS 100Hz G-SYNC Monitor
  • I7 6950x, 64gb RAM, Asus Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard, NVMe OS drive and 4TB Extreme performance SSD Raid for Storage, 2x GTX 1080 Phanteks Premium with Waterblocks and much more

OPSkins Giveaway

How to win the OPSkins Insanity Giveaway?

It’s pretty simple: post a video or photo of you doing the most insane (legal) thing you can think of that promotes the OPSkins brand, then tweet it to us or post it to our facebook page. The person who posts the most impressive/extreme/hilarious/insane video or photo wins the gaming system. We’ll take the community’s reaction into consideration when choosing the winner – so the more viral it goes, the better your chances of winning.

Basically, do something AWESOME.

Note: this is a global contest – it is not limited to residents of any particular geographic area.

OPSkins Insanity Giveaway Rules:

  • Whatever you do MUST be legal (otherwise you won’t have any chance of winning, will probably get arrested, make your mom cry, etc)
  • Entries must be submitted by 11/25/16 at 11:59pm EST
  • Enter by tweeting your video/photo to and/or post it to

What makes The OPSkins Insanity Giveaway prize the greatest CyberPowerPC Gaming System imaginable, you ask? Here’s the $10,000 worth of equipment you’ll win:

• CAS: IN WIN 303 Mid Tower High Air Flow Gaming Case w/ Tempered Glass Full Size Window (Orange Color)
• CASUPGRADE: RGB Multi-Color 16 color LED 2x interior light strips (top, bottom) w/ Remote Controller
• COOLANT: Thermaltake High-Performance C1000 Opaque Vivid Color Coolant Series (Orange)
• CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i7-6950X Extreme Edition Ten-Core 3.00GHz 25MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2011-V3
• CS_FAN: 4X 120mm Thermaltake Riing 12 Series High Static Pressure 120mm Case/Radiator Fan (Orange Color LED)
• FAN: XSPC RAYSTORM D5 PHOTON AX 360mm WATERCOOLER KIT (6 x ORANGE (Push-Pull) Tt Riing 12 Series Case/Radiator Fans
• FLASHMEDIA: INTERNAL 12in1 Flash Media Reader/Writer (BLACK COLOR)
• HD_PCIE1X_SSD: 512GB Toshiba OCZ RD400 NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 (HHHL)SSD – 2600MB/s Read & 1600MB/s Write (Single Drive)
• HDD: 960GB Toshiba OCZ TRN150 SATA-III 6.0Gb/s SSD – 550MB/s Read & 530MB/s Write (960GB x 4 (3840GB Capacity) Raid 0 Extreme Performance)
• IUSB: Built-in USB 2.0 Ports
• MEMORY: 64GB (16GBx4) DDR4/3000MHz Quad Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1)
• MOTHERBOARD: ASUS RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 w/ RGB, Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, USB 3.1 Type-C, Intel GbE LAN, 4x Gen3 PCIe x16, 1 PCIe x4x, 1 PCIe x1, 1x M.2 PCIe or U.2 port
• ASUS ROG SWIFT 34″ 3440×1440 IPS 100Hz G-SYNC Monitor
• KEYBOARD: CYBERPOWERPC Skorpion K1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ Kontact Blue Switches and Programmable RGB LED Lighting
• MOUSE: Razer Deathadder Chroma Multi Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
• NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network
• OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition)
• OVERCLOCK: Ultimate OC (Ultimate Overclock 30% or more)
• POWERSUPPLY: 1050 Watts – EVGA SuperNOVA 1050 GS 80 Plus GOLD Certified Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire Ready Power Supply
• SLI_BRIDGE: EVGA High Bandwidth SLI Bridge for GTX 10 Series
• VIDEO: GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X w/ Phanteks Premium RGB Full Cover GPU Waterblock [-305] (Dual Card (SLI) [+955])


CS:GO: Dignitas wins the EPICENTER

Image from: @epicentergg
Image from: @epicentergg

Dignitas was crowned the EPICENTER: Moscow champions after beating Virtus.Pro on a best of three final and claimed $250,000. The tournament featured a $500,000 prize pool that was divided between the eight participating teams, with the 7th-8th place taking $15,000.

The almost fully European tournament (except for SK gaming who was invited) showed eight of the best teams in the CS:GO competitive scene. Six teams were directly invited (Fnatic, G2 Esports, Na’Vi, NIP, SK and and two teams (Dignitas and HellRaisers) qualified through European and CIS closed qualifiers.

Dignitas had an amazing run before heading into the finals, after defeating Fnatic and Na’Vi. on the other hand, was seeded directly to the Semifinals, and after beating SK Gaming 2-1 qualified to the finals.

The first map of the finals was Nuke (chosen by Dignitas) but it was that started strong by going into the first half with a 11:4 lead. Dignitas had a good attempt for a comeback in the second half (playing Terrorist), bringing the score to a 14-11. But the Polish team was able to close it by taking two consecutive rounds 16:11.

The second map was Cobblestone, and it started the same way as last time but with Dignitas on the lead. 11:4 was the score (in favor of Dignitas) before heading into the second half. Dignitas closed the second map in a convincing manner after claiming five rounds of the second half, performing on CT 16:5.

The decider map was Mirage, and it was an extremely weak performance by the Polish team on T-side, dropping 13:2 before heading into the second half. won the pistol round and the one that followed it, but the Danish team closed the score 16:5.

With second place, won $100,000. Na’vi and SK (who ended 3rd-4th) each took $40,000.

This is the biggest prize pool Dignitas has claimed in their CS:GO history, will this mark a new beginning for the Danish team?


DOTA 2: Boston Major Invites

The eight invites for the next Dota 2 Major in Boston have been revealed. This will be the first major Valve event with no direct invites to any CIS team. The CIS region used to be one of the strongest ones but NA, SEA and China are currently showing a better season and this granted them a total of seven invites.

The invites were revealed in the Dota 2 game client through the Boston Major Battle Pass platform. The teams invited are Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos for North America, Execration and MVP Phoenix for SEA, Wings, EHOME and Newbee for China and OG for Europe.


It was a controversial season for the invites, with only a handful of LAN tournaments since TI6. It was unclear which teams will be granted an invitation, and there is no clear pattern or explanation in regards to the criteria used for inviting them.

The Boston Major will take place at the Wang Theater in Boston from December 7 to December 11. The format used for this tournament will be of a Single Elimination bracket, all matches are played on a Best of Three format and the Grand Finals will be played on a Best of Five.

As usual with the Official Dota 2 Major, the prize pool for this tournament will be $3 million. The prize distribution hasn’t been announced yet, but in the past majors the winning team has claimed over $1 million.

The announcement also revealed the invited teams for the Regional Qualifiers with a total of 32 invited teams and eight available slots for the winners of the Open Qualifiers.

Each region consists of a two round robin groups of five teams. The top two teams from each group will advance to a double elimination bracket where the winner and runner up team from each region will qualify to the Boston Major.

The Regional Qualifiers will be played October 27 to October 30 and the invited teams for the regional qualifiers are:



OPSkins, Always Improving: A Recap of Site Updates from July to October

Update: We added to the list the Instant Field Inspection™, Easily Viewing Skins with stickers and One hour Cashouts.

We here at OPSkins have been constantly adding new features to improve your experience buying and selling digital items on our marketplace.
Since so many have been added over the past few months, we want to recap the new features for you – including how they work and how to best use them. Here’s what’s “new” on OPSkins:

The Item Database

This catalog enables you to view and research current skins, including wears and patterns. Be it a Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Battle Scarred or a Well Worn skin, the database provides our users with valuable information so you can have a better idea of what skins are out there in the marketplace. To find out more about the database, you can click here.

Instant Field Inspection™

This upgraded service allows buyers to view actual pictures of the CS:GO items you wish to sell, without buyers having to launch the game in order to inspect them. As a seller, this enhances the marketability of your item because it’s easier for a buyer to inspect a knife pattern, the wear of a skin, the placement of a sticker on the weapon you’re selling, etc – especially while the buyer is on a mobile device. As a buyer, this allows you to inspect high-tiered items without having to launch CS:GO first. Learn more about how you can add this feature to your listings by clicking here.

New Sale Page Features

We added a series of commonly requested new features to our Sale Page. These features help you sell higher volumes of items even faster and easier. We are also introduced several site features that made navigating through items much easier. You can read all about them and how they work here.

Easily Viewing Skins with stickers

This update on allows users to inspect stickers on the CS:GO skins through the their icons in the store. Gone are the days of confusion about what sticker the skin has, or the inconvenience of having to load CS:GO every time you wanted to inspect a skin and see if it had stickers. To find out more about this feature, you can click here.

New OPSkins Inventory Feature

Remember in the old days when you couldn’t get your hands on that deal you just found because your Steam account had a trade cool-down, so you had to wait and possibly miss out on the deal? Now you don’t have to go through all the hassle of waiting for the cool-down to pass with the OPSkins Inventory. This allows you to buy items and deliver them to your OPSkins inventory, where you can either re-list the item or withdraw it to your Steam account at a later time. This means that you can buy the item and retrieve it at your convenience when you are able to trade again. You can read more about it here.

New OPSkins Login Method

We’ve enabled you to increase the security on your OPSkins account by adding a new username and password that no longer depends on your Steam login. So, if your Steam account was ever compromised, your OPSkins account would remain safe. We also made it possible for users to log into OPSkins when Steam is down, where previously you could not sign in if Steam Community was unavailable. This means that during some Steam outages, you can continue trading. Click here to learn more.

Bulk Item Repricing Tool

You can now reprice a bulk quantity of items with one simple step. Gone are the days when you had to manage the price of each item individually if you wished to change more than one. You can read about it here.

One Hour Cashouts

This feature enables you to sell your CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1, PayDay 2 and Steam items on our website and have real-life money deposited into your PayPal account within one hour of the cashout request being issued. If you wish to learn how to get your earnings sent to your PayPal account quicker click here.

Good Deals Page

On the Good Deals page, you can find all the items on our marketplace that are worth more than $5, with a 10% discount when compared to the suggested price. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Buyer’s Club

OPSkins offers an exclusive opportunity for you to get the best prices on in-game items. For the first few minutes when a valuable item is listed for sale on our marketplace, members of the OPSkins Buyer’s Club have exclusive access to purchase it, so you get first dibs on recently listed items. To find out more click here!

As always, we aim to your experience trading skins with us the best there is. We are also on the lookout for new ideas that can be transformed into new features, if there’s one you think would enhance our site, let us know in the comments!


Inferno is Back after a MAJOR CS:GO Update!

Bombsite B
Bombsite B

The new MAJOR patch for CS:GO brings back a reworked map that left the “Active duty” map group earlier this year: Inferno. During the last weeks of April, “Nuke” replaced Inferno (one of the most played maps in the pool) as the team behind CS:GO took it out of the Active Duty group to rework it. This is not the first time a map is removed from the “Active Duty” group for rework, as this is the same treatment that was done to Nuke and Train in the past, fixing the visibility on both maps and bringing better balance to the competitive scene. With those changes, we eventually saw the rebirth of both maps on the competitive scene.

A revised version of de_inferno is now available in the Reserves Map group. This means that (for the moment) the map won’t be available on the professional scene until it’s added back to the Active Duty group.

Back in April, Valve announced the reintroduction of Nuke into the Active Duty map group after moving Inferno to the reserves. This was done almost three months after the reintroduction of Nuke into the game during the Operation Wildfire in February. If this holds true again, we won’t see Inferno being played by the professionals until next year and raises the question as if this map will be added back into the roster before the next major held in January in Atlanta.

The update brings with it several minor-glitch updates, along with UI changes to the Sniper scopes, quote: “Sniper scopes are much more responsive to your actual accuracy; the blur is driven by your current inaccuracy.” Keep in mind that there are no gameplay behavior changes in scoped accuracy. The change adjusts the information displayed so it shows your current inaccuracy more clearly.

“From its iconic layout to its core gameplay, Inferno has been an instant classic and a mainstay in competitive CS:GO through the years. So when we started the process of re-visiting the map, we focused on quality-of-life upgrades and gameplay-tweaks instead of a complete rework.”

The goal behind this rework was to improve the visibility throughout the map, make it easier to move around in groups, and to “fine-tune the gameplay.” This is achieved by the change in color scheme, bigger paths, and the removal of some elements around the map.

For example A site no longer has a Roof blocking grenades, and this allows for new retakes of the site and for new creative smokes to cover the way of the attackers and defenders.

A Site
A Site

We are excited to see Inferno in action, and we can’t wait until it gets added back into the Active Duty map group, are you excited about the rework of this classic map?



OPSkins Site Update: The Item Database is Here

Introducing the new Item Database!  This catalog enables you to view and research current skins, including wears and patterns. Be it a Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Battle Scarred or Well Worn skin, the database provides our users with valuable information so you can have a better idea of what skins are out there in the marketplace.

The item database also holds a registry of images for the skins that have randomly generated patterns. Skins such as Case Hardened, Fades, Marble Fades, Dopplers, Gamma Dopplers, Slaughters and Crimson Webs will have a registry of images that you can use as a reference. All skins with a variable pattern and reference images will have the symbol ✓ Patterns written in the top left corner under the name of the skin, and will be featured on the front page of the database.


When you click on the skin to inspect it in further detail, you will also see a video that shows the differences in wear depending on the float value of said skin.


Some skins have varying patterns that depend on a randomly generated pattern index. For that matter, we have taken screenshots of every pattern index for important skins. This way you can click through all 1000 patterns for a skin, see what they look like, and find a pattern index with rare blue gems – or just something you think looks cool.



At the moment the database for patterns only has Case Hardened skins with all the images for the different pattern variations, but more will be added in the coming weeks. Let us know in the comments which skin patterns you would like to see added first to our database!


CS:GO Graffiti is Back

Image courtesy of Valve

Sprays are back! Well, sort of.

The popular Counter-Strike graffiti feature that used to leave your mark on the maps, distract opponents, and sometimes amuse them, has been brought back by Valve for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And while in previous iterations of the game the feature was available for free and could be customized, these new sprays have a few guidelines. They’re available for sale now on

In previous Counter-Strike installments, the player had access to an unlimited number of charges – now they can only have 50. After the charges are consumed, the player will have to acquire new ones, be it in the form of a weekly in-game drop by ranking up, through graffiti boxes that can be purchased, or by purchasing an individual graffiti from OPSkins or through the Steam Market.

Past versions of Counter-Strike allowed you to create custom graffiti with any image you wanted from the web (they could even be R-rated images) by going to a folder in the game’s files and pasting it there. You could add animation to the graffiti by using a .gif file as the source image and if the server moderator or the player didn’t want to see them, they could turn off the feature and still be able to play.

Now, there are two types of graffiti patterns available: monochrome and multi-colored. The first you can acquire as a rank up drop and the latter can be acquired through the purchase of a graffiti box. Part of the earnings from the graffiti box sales will go to the community of artists behind the patterns, which means that they can continue to produce new work in the future. Both types of patterns can also be traded and sold on OPSkins or the Steam Market.

The graffiti designs are mostly based on previously existing sticker designs, so we could assume that in the future Valve might roll out special edition tournament graffiti. Interestingly enough, one of the actual graffiti patterns features the controversial Howling Dawn design which had to be changed in the past due to copyright infringement; it might just turn out to be one of the more expensive sprays on the market in the future.

Image courtesy of Valve

Players can equip as many patterns as they wish and they can switch them in-game so as to apply a different pattern in each spray, although they are only able to spray once every round or every 45 seconds (whichever comes faster) and the graffiti will last seven minutes on the applied surface until it fades away. According to Valve: “Players can apply graffiti once per round, or every 45 seconds, whichever is shorter. Getting a kill in a round-based game mode will allow the player to apply more graffiti.”

Surfaces on the maps where the graffiti can be applied will display a preview of the graffiti when the player tries to spray on them. If the surface does not show a preview then the player will not be able to graffiti over it.

Since the graffiti are tradeable in the Steam Market that means that you can sell them on OPSkins as well (as long as they haven’t been unsealed) just like any of the previous CS:GO items that Valve has released in the past. We will also keep an eye out for the behavior of the price in our marketplace so you can see which patterns are the most sought after. Currently the sale price of a graffiti on our marketplace varies mostly in the range of $1.00 and $5.00.



Na’Vi wins ESL One New York

Image from: @ESLCS
Image from: @ESLCS

Na’vi takes the ESL ONE New York trophy after beating in a final that ended up going into overtime. takes home $50,000 for their second place win.

The first map of the finals was played on Cobblestone, a map chosen by the Polish team, and for a good reason. started strong and secured a 6-0 lead on T-side and managed to continue leading after dropping only one round and before heading into the first half time 13-2.

The pistol round went to the CT side, and with it the was two points away from claiming the first map. Na’Vi managed to secure the force buy on the second round before dropping the two remaining rounds for a 16-3 final result.

With in the lead, the second map was played on Train. Natus Vincere started by winning pistol on the Terrorist side and extended their lead to a 10-1. The last four rounds were split in between the teams and the CIS team went to the first half with a 12-3 score.

The pistol round in the second half went to Na’Vi, but was up for a fight and pushed the score to an 8:14, before dropping the remaining rounds and moved to the third and last map and losing 8-16.

The last map was Mirage, and it was most likely the most balanced one of the three that were played.

Na’vi quickly took the lead 4-1 as CT, but tied the score 4-4. The following rounds were consecutive trades before going into the half time 7-8 in favor of The CIS took the pistol round and quickly extended their lead 14-8, but was up for a show and tied the score around 14-14 before trading the two remaining rounds and pushing the game into overtime. took the lead in overtime 16-17 on the CT side, but quickly lost it once they changed sides and ended up losing the game 19-17.

With this title Na’Vi claimed $125,000. It’s important to mention that this is the first title the Na’Vi wins since the Counter Pit League Season 2 in March. The team recently changed their roster to include the Ukrainian star Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev by dropping Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko, and by the looks of their performance during ESL we can see that it was an excellent idea.

If you are wondering what’s next on the CS:GO professional scene we’ve got you covered:

The Second season of ELEAGUE will start 10-21-2016 and will run until 12-03-2016

Epicenter 2016 will be played in Moscow starting 10-17-2016 and the best teams will be competing for a share of the $500,000 prize pool.

The ESL Pro League Season 4 finals will be played in Brazil,  10-28-2016 but the teams are still competing for a spot to participate in this event. $750,000 will be spread out among the winning teams.