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Month: September 2016

Status of H1Z1: King of the Kill Items on OPSkins

Update 9/27: H1Z1 is working again!

Original post:

As the community is well aware, H1Z1 KotK went down for maintenance in preparation for an update. Inventories for certain accounts never returned, and from what we can tell, those who don’t own the game were the accounts affected.

We immediately reached out to Daybreak, and have continuously followed up with them several times throughout the past few days. In their responses, they acknowledged that they’re aware of the problem and that their development team is actively working on solutions, and that they don’t have an ETA. All their responses have pointed to this being an unintentional bug.

We’re looking into every possible solution to address the issue so that you don’t have to wait until Daybreak releases a patch in order to access your items. Unfortunately since the problem is on their end, the OPSkins development team doesn’t have the opportunity to solve the issue. However we have been tapping our connections to higher-ups within Daybreak to try to get this expedited.

Buying the game is an option we’re considering but we are not confident this will solve the problem and it may be a logistical near-impossibility, due in part to the fact that ownership of the game alone isn’t what causes the problem, but also creation of a character (as far as we can tell).

We do encourage you to contact Daybreak support so they understand the magnitude of this problem.  You should mention that some of your items are on accounts which can’t access their inventories so you can’t get your items back.  Note:  It will not be helpful for you to mention third party sites like OPSkins because they might just close the ticket out by telling you to contact us.  Since we are not the cause of the problem – it’s on Daybreak’s side – that will not help you

As the most secure and trusted marketplace for your in-game items, we will do everything possible to facilitate the return of your inventory, and will keep you updated on our progress.

Screenshot of a Daybreak developers response regarding KotK item inventories
Screenshot of a Daybreak developers response regarding KotK item inventories.



OPSkins Site Update: Sell more easily with the new Sale Page features


You ask, we deliver: We are adding some commonly requested new features to our Sale Page. These features will help you sell higher volumes of items even faster and easier. We are also introducing several site features that will make navigating through items much easier:

– You now have the option to list multiple commodity items in one batch, no more clicking every individual item. Gone are the days when you had to list each commodity item (keys, cases, etc.) one by one -now you can group, select and list several of them all at once.
– We are displaying the Lowest OPSkins list price directly on the sale page along with the suggested prices. This is to provide our users with a reference of the lowest asking price for the skin you’re selling, so you can price it more competitively if you wish.
– The new Sell Page works well on most mobile devices.
– Easier work flow with cursor jumps directly to the list-price field when selecting an item, and enter places the item in the queue.
– Sellers can now list 50 items at a time, up from 30.
– There is a new counter displaying the current capacity of your sale queue and the sum of your items’ combined list prices. This feature allows you to keep track of the volume of skins you’re listing and the overall price of the list.
– You will have a link to your listed items on the Sales page for an easier transition from listing to managing.




OPSkins Site Update: Browse our “Good Deals” Page for the Best Prices on the Market

The Good Deals section of OPSkins launched today! Here you can find all the items on our marketplace that are worth more than $5, with a 10% discount when compared to the suggested price.

You can access it at any time by going to the top left corner of the site and clicking on the tab that reads “Good Deals” (as long as you’re logged in).


Scroll down and you will be presented with all the hot deals on our site, plus a list of all the games inventories so you can better navigate and look for the deal you want. You can choose to filter the items by game.




UPDATED: Become a Buyer’s Club Member and Get the Best Deals in the Marketplace

We’ve leveled the playing field. OPSkins is now offering an exclusive opportunity for you to get the best prices on in-game items. Beginning 12am EST on Friday September 9th, for the first five minutes when a valuable item is listed for sale on our marketplace, only members of the OPSkins Buyer’s Club have access to purchase it, so you get first dibs on recently listed items. Gone are the days when bots snipe the good deals in mere seconds, since Buyer’s Club members now have the same opportunity to jump on the best-priced items as the bots do.