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Month: August 2016

How Much are the CS:GO Gamma 2 Cases and Skins Selling For Now?

11 days ago, Valve released the Gamma 2 Case which features 17 new skins. It is the fourth case Valve has given us this year and we are delighted by the constant new releases, with Valve providing a new case every trimester. Price-wise, this one feels like it’s an improvement over its predecessor.


The most expensive skin in the set is the AK-47 Neon Revolution that has a suggested price in our marketplace of $150.06, which is pretty expensive when compared to the most expensive skin on the previous case. It also carries the knife skins from the Gamma Case, so that’s definitely a plus and the featured skin -FAMAS Roll Cage- in its StatTrak version has a current asking price of at least three figures as well. As we take numbers very seriously here at OPSkins and we believe they’re the best way to show factual data, here’s the table:

F-N: Factory New / M-W: Minimal Wear / F-T: Field Tested / W-W: Well Worn / B-S: Battle Scarred – Prices for this chart may vary with units sold in the marketplace.

Upon it’s release the case had a price tag of about $3.79 but after 11 days it now holds an asking price of $0.91. It may seem like a nosedive but that’s the way the skin market works, specially with cases. In theory, despite this being the fourth case to be released this year, Valve has managed to give us a set of a case that while not as ground breaking as the Operation Wildfire or the Gamma Case, still manages to improve on skin prices. A point could be made that the price is due to their limited availability, but this post is being written almost two weeks after the case was released, which means that there are enough units out there to have a good idea of what the average price will be in the future.

Gamma 2 Case price

Tec-9 Fuel Injector

The Second most expensive, non-StatTrak skin is the Tec-9 Fuel Injector which has a power tool look to it (it’s probably the yellow and black) and it has five units currently listed in our marketplace. There are also three more units listed but they are more expensive StatTrak versions.



FAMAS Roll Cage

The third and featured skin for this case is the FAMAS Roll Cage, which is one of the better looking skins in the arsenal and the one with the biggest price gap between it’s normal and StatTrak Versions. The regular versions go for about $16.00, while the StatTraks fetch an asking price orbiting several hundreds. Needless to say, the StatTrak versions of this skin are the most expensive items in the Gamma 2 Case.



If You Bought These Keys And Skins During the Market Crash, You Made a Profit

After last month’s turmoil in the CS:GO economy, the price of skins and keys saw a significant decline. However over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a stabilization of prices on our marketplace, especially with the price of keys – which are back to their pre-crash prices. So if you were able to pick up keys and skins after the Great CS:GO Market Crash of 2016, you’re sitting on a pretty profit (which you can now have in your bank account in an hour).

Two months before the crash, we analyzed the prices of the Top 10 Most Sold Keys and Cases on OPSkins. Let’s look at how the prices of these items fared since.

CS:GO Case Key Price Trends: June to August 2016

When looking at the most sold keys, we immediately notice that after crashing on July 14th, the price of keys sharply increased until July 17th. Prices then began to fall by about 3.65% until July 27th (but still not as low as they were on July 14th).

Then the market began to stabilize, and the first half of August saw an increase in the price of the keys of 5.23%. For some of the keys – Chroma 3 Case Key, Chroma Case Key, and the Chroma 2 Case Key – the highest point came on August 6th and prices have mostly leveled out. But for others – Gamma Case Key, CS:GO Case Key, Shadow Case Key, Revolver Case Key, Operation Breakout Case Key, and the Operation Wildfire Case Key – their prices have stabilized or kept increasing.

From looking at their Sale History, we can estimate that the prices will remain stable or increase since that has been their trend for most of August. Keys have always been a solid investment, and if you didn’t dump your inventory during the few days that prices dropped, this remains true.


CS:GO Skins Price Trends: June to August 2016

If we look at the Sale History of the most sold skins, the story is a more complicated case – a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous. Prices dipped significantly around July 14th, but most have recouped their value. Some of these skins with price tags under $1.50 like the AWP Worm God and the AK-47 Elite Build have climbed in price, with an average increase of 40% since July 16th. Here are the skins that increased in price since the crash (prices are from July 16th to August 22nd):

  • AK-47 Elite Build (Minimal Wear): $0.42 to $0.58
  • AWP Worm God (Factory New): $0.50 to $1.00
  • AWP Worm God (Field Tested): $0.56 to $0.59
  • AWP Worm God (Minimal Wear): $0.56 to $0.66

Even though overall prices of these Top 10 skins peaked by an average 7% after their initial decline on July 14th, they dropped again by an average of 9.51% in the following month – first at a steep rate (as the graph shows) but then at a slower rate. Still, the current value for skins with a price tag over $1.50 is on average 2% lower than on July 14th.

Skins like the AK-47 Redline, Glock-18 Water Elemental (Field Tested), The AK-47 Frontside Misty and the AWP Asiimov have the most noticeable loss in value but still manage to move a decent amount of units in a single day (from hundreds to thousands), and are still moving money through the skin economy. Here are the skins that decreased in price since the crash (prices are from July 16th to August 22nd):

  • AK-47 Redline (Field Tested): $3.99 to $3.74
  • Name Tag: $2.28 to $1.74
  • AWP Asiimov (Field-Tested): $23.94 to $21.18
  • AK-47 Frontside Misty (Field-Tested): $6.14 to $5.45
  • AWP Asiimov (Battle-Scarred): $16.00 to $14.13
  • Glock-18 Water Elemental (Field-Tested): $2.07 to $2.04
  • Glock-18 Water Elemental (Minimal Wear): $2.82 to $2.80


As always, you can count on OPSkins to be the most trusted marketplace in the world for buying and selling your in-game items for real life money. We truly appreciate how the community has remained loyal to OPSkins even during last month’s uncertainty, and look forward to bringing you even more features in the future.


Dota 2: New Hero Release – Underlord is Here!

Image from:
Image from:

It was announced during TI6’s All-Star Match – the long wait for Underlord is over.

The last hero to be ported from Dota mod has arrived, along with some new post-game analysis tools that make it easier for players to review their recent games and skills.

The Meta will most likely decide the actual role Underlord will fullfill – and chances are all the players in your Pubs will try to play him as a hard carry – but Valve presented the hero as a “Support-Durable-Nuker-Disabler-Escape.” At the end of the day, that doesn’t mean much considering heroes such as Leshrac and Lina were initially played as Supports before the meta pushed them into a core role, a role that is now considered their main position.

Underlord’s abilities make him an excellent support and opens the possibility of running him as an offlaner.

Image from:
Image from:


His abilities provide him with Lockdown, AOE damage and a powerful aura that reduces the attack damage of any nearby enemy unite (including creeps). Any hero or creep that dies under the Atrophy Aura will grant Underlord bonus damage for a period of time.

The biggest skill for Underlord and what makes him special is his ultimate ability. Dark Rift works as an AOE relocate that allows all nearby heroes to relocate to a friendly unit anywhere on the map, serving as an excellent backup in case of ganks, or for setting up massive fights.

Post-Game Summary

With this new update comes a new and reworked post-game summary which allows the users to explore the matches in detail, and access interesting information such as experience graphs, scoreboard, player overviews and more.

You can compare two players and their role in the game, watch their hero averages and more.

Image from:
Image from:

With this update comes the ability to check your “Teammate stats.” With this option you will be able to see the win-rate you have with anyone on your friend list, the win percentage you have when playing with them, and their teammate performance rating.

Let us know what you think about Underlord in the comments.


The New CS:GO Gamma 2 Case on OPSkins


Second Gamma case in less than a year, and boy do we hope Valves keeps it up with these roll outs. The case comes with 17 new skins for handguns, rifles, machine guns, SMGs and shotguns. The case also carries the knife skins that were introduced in the previous Gamma Case. The skins will be available on OPSkins when they’re tradeable after August 25th.

As with previous cases, this price will drop over time substantially, but it currently has a price range in our marketplace that goes from $3.40 to $15.00.

The featured skin for the case is the FAMAS Roll Cage and the most expensive skin will probably be the AK-47 Neon Revolution since it’s an AK and it’s revolutionary (it even says so in the name!). The case even shows some love to the Negevs by introducing a new skin called the Dazzl, and dazzled we are by its inclusion in the case. Here’s what they look like:

FAMAS Roll Cage
Negev Dazzle
AK-47 Neon Revolution

New Gun Skins in the Gamma 2 Case

The new skins in the Gamma 2 Case are the aforementioned AK-47 Neon Revolution, FAMAS Roll Cage and Negev Dazzle. The case also includes the AUG Syd Mead, MP9 Airlock, Tec-9 Fuel Injector, Desert Eagle Directive, Glock-18 Weasel, MAG-7 Petroglyph, SCAR-20 Powercore, SG 553 Triarch, CZ75-Auto Imprint, Five-SeveN Scumbria, G3SG1 Ventilator, P90 Grim, UMP-45 Briefing, and XM1014 Slipstream.

These skins will be available in our marketplace the following week (start looking after seven days have passed) and we will be following their behavior on the market as we have done with previous new skin releases.

So be sure to keep an eye out for the next few weeks to get your hands on the new skins!


OPSkins Site Update: Bulk Item Repricing Tool

OPSkins is introducing a change to the website that will allow you to better manage your listings. You can now reprice a bulk quantity of items with one simple step. Gone are the days when you had to manage the price of each item individually if you wished to reduce more than one. Now, with this new feature, it’s a matter of selecting the items on which you want to add the discount, click on the “Discount Items By Percent” button, adding the discount, and clicking Apply Discount.

The idea behind this feature is to speed up the sale of your items. If you have items that haven’t been sold for a month (or a day, if you’re really that impatient), this feature is worth checking out.

You can find the button by going to your Item Sales tab in your account settings and looking at the bottom of the list, as shown below.


You select the items you plan to add a discount to, and click the Discount Items by Percent button. This will prompt a window to appear where you can select the percentage of the discount that you wish to apply on the selected items, as shown here:


After selecting the percentage and clicking Apply Discount, the price of the selected items will be reduced by the selected percentage (in this case we chose 5%). You can check what the new price on the selected items will be by looking at the convenient list on the popup.

This is another of the several features we’ve introduced recently, as we at OPSkins are constantly working to improve our customers’ experience. Let us know what you think in the comments.



OPSkins Site Update: New Login Method


OPSkins is introducing a change to the website that will increase the security of your account and inventory, and allow you to use OPSkins even when Steam is down.

Effective 8/17/16, you can optionally login to OPSkins with a new OPSkins username and password instead of using Steam to log in. If you want to keep just signing in through Steam, that’s cool too! Here’s why this is a good change:

Increased security: now if your Steam account is ever compromised, your OPSkins account will remain safe because the hacker won’t also automatically have access to your OPSkins account.

Increased usage: you’ll still be able to login to OPSkins if Steam is down, where previously you could not sign in if Steam Community was unavailable. This means that during some Steam outages, you can continue trading.

Better support: our support staff is able to better serve you if you’ve verified your email address (e.g. via password resets)

Important things to note:

– If you already have an OPSkins account, you will be asked to set up a username and password the next time you sign in, and you will be asked to verify your email address.
– Once you have your username and password set, you can sign in using your OPSkins account or continue to login using your Steam login.
– You’ll be able to reset your password via your verified email address.
– You’ll be able to disable Steam sign-ins on your account if you wish for extra security (this is voluntary).
– New users must register a username and password – they won’t be able to just sign in through Steam the first time they log into OPSkins.

This is another of the several features we’ve introduced recently, as we at OPSkins are constantly working to improve our customers’ experience. Let us know what you think in the comments.


DOTA 2: Wings Gaming Wins The International 2016 & Takes the Aegis to China

Image from: @Dota2
Image from: @Dota2

Wings Gaming are The International 2016 champions after defeating Digital Chaos 3-1 during a Best of Five series.

Wings Gaming took their piece of the biggest prize pool in eSports, where the second place claimed close to $3.5 million and Wings $9.1 million. The second place is nothing short of impressive for Digital Chaos, a team that came together just days before the roster lock in March after Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen and Aliwi “w33” Omar were dropped from their old team, Team Secret.

Sixteen teams competed to become the number one team in the world, and Wings did it while having the biggest and most diverse hero pool in the tournament. The Chinese team started on the upper bracket by defeating Digital Chaos 2-1, and went into the finals after defeating MVP Phoenix on the Upper Bracket Round 2 and TI5 winners Evil Geniuses on the Upper Bracket Finals.

Wings is a team that raised from the bottom and established their dominance in less than a year. Their team captain Zhang “y’Innocence” Yiping is one of the youngest  captains in the competitive scene, being only 18 years old.

Digital Chaos started on the Upper Bracket, but after losing to Wings dropped to the lower bracket facing elimination. On the lower bracket DC beat LGD Gaming, TNC Gaming (the team that eliminated Vici Reborn and tournament favorite OG), EHOME and Fnatic before advancing to the Grand Finals against the same team that beat them on the Upper Bracket Round 1.

This has been an excellent Dota 2 Tournament (if not the best to the date) and it’s exciting to think that the Meta is so diverse that it allows for any team to run their own strategies.

The International 6 was also the place for some big announcements coming from Valve. The winner of the Arcana Vote was Juggernaut (sad day for all the memers out there that voted for IO) and will become the 9th Arcana to be released.

Valve announced the release of Underlord during the All Star Game, and because of that the Dota 2 fanbase got to see some of his abilities in combat. Underlord will be released August 23 and it’s the last hero from the Dota mod to be ported into the game, raising the question as to when we can expect some new original heroes. Later on, Valve answered that question by revealing a new hero that will be released in the Fall 2016 patch, Sun Wukong the Monkey King will be the first hero to make an appearance in Dota 2 that was not ported from the mod.

The Monkey King will be released with the “New Journey Update” in Fall, and you can see the teaser below:



PSA: Malware Browser Extensions are a Scam!

Malware browser extensions have become very frequent in the past month, with customers installing extensions on their browsers that claim the extension will “help them get better deals” or “check if the item is safe to trade.” THESE ARE SCAMS, AND YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR ITEMS IF YOU DOWNLOAD THEM!

Picture this scenario: while playing on Steam, a random user contacts you saying that he’s interested in that M9 Doppler or those other six valuable skins in your inventory. He asks you to install a plugin on your browser that checks to see if the items in your inventory were stolen. You follow his instructions because, why not?

But you realize that after you “sold” your item after listing it on OPSkins via the extension, you don’t have any funds from the sale. The plugin that you installed on your browser was malware that allowed the user to take all your skins.

These extensions have full control over the OPSkins website on your computer, so they can do malicious things like intercepting requests to our servers to send you a trade offer, which they can replace with a request to their own server. In turn, this causes a fake bot to send a trade offer, which looks identical to a real OPSkins trade offer.

Just because an extension is on the official Chrome store doesn’t always mean it’s safe; anyone has the ability to submit an extension to the Chrome store.  Only install established, trusted extensions, and never install anything that someone on Steam asks you to install before they will trade with you.

We continue to report these plugins to Google for abuse, but they either aren’t removed or more crop up everyday. We’ve notified the community through our homepage, Reddit, and Twitter.

Warning on OPSkins homepage

Some examples of names used by these malware extensions are:

  • OPSHelper Update
  • OPSkins Helper
  • Phishing Inventory Checker
  • External Prices
  • Opskins Inventory Checker
  • Items Guardian
  • Skins Status Helper
  • Item Stolen Checker

(This isn’t an extensive list by any means, it just serves as an example of some of the names of the malicious extensions we’ve found in the past.)

This malware extension is just one of a few common scams out there targeting OPSkins users, which are detailed on this stickied Reddit post (which is also linked to on our homepage).

You should never run any form of software, whether it be an executable file or a browser extension, from an untrusted source. Last but not least, if someone is offering you something that sounds too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.

If you know of any other extensions that you think could be used for scams, post them on our comments and we will look into them. We want to protect our customers as best we can from fraud and one of the best ways to do it is by identifying the different ways scammers go about tricking our customers, banning and reporting them.


The Dota 2 International Main event: Let the show begin!

We are less than 24 hours away from the main event, and The International 6 prize pool has reached the $20,000,000 mark. TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS. The Dota 2 tournament is the biggest eSports event in history in terms of prize money (the previous record for a prize pool this big was also for a Dota 2 event, during the 2015 International).

If the prize pool remains at the $20 million mark, the winner of the tournament will be taking home over $8.8 million and the runner up $3.3M. That leaves the 3rd place with more than $2 million, and 4th place with more than $1.4 million (for perspective – that’s about three times the amount that the CS:GO team SK Gaming got after winning the last Major in Cologne).

The Group bracket was played August 3-5, where the teams battled it out in two groups of eight for seeding into the Main Event brackets. The top four teams in each group advanced to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event and the bottom four teams in each group advanced to the Lower Bracket.

The Main Event of TI6 is set to start tomorrow Monday August 8th at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

The first match of the Upper Bracket (and the inaugural one of the tournament), will be played between Manila Major champions OG and MVP Phoenix in a Best of Three format.

While all the teams will surely deliver exciting games, the eyes of many fans are focused on three of the Western favorites, who are facing elimination in the lower bracket: Na’Vi, Liquid and Secret. Team Secret will be facing LGD gaming for a chance to survive, and Liquid will be playing against Na’Vi.

The teams that made it to the upper bracket already secured a 9th-12th spot, and with that more than $300,000. Teams playing in the Lower Bracket for Day One will be playing in a Best of One format and facing elimination. The teams ending in the 13th-16th won’t suffer – their spot will end up with a prize pool of more than $100,000. That’s 30% more money that what the 3rd-4th teams won during the CS:GO major.

Below you can see the brackets going into the Main Event:

Image from: @wykrhm
Image from: @wykrhm

OPSkins Site Update: Instant Field Inspection™

OPSkins is introducing another convenient new site feature to help sellers promote their CS:GO items: instant field inspection™.

This upgraded service allows buyers to view actual pictures of the CS:GO items you wish to sell, without buyers having to launch the game in order to inspect them. As a seller, this enhances the marketability of your item because it’s easier for a buyer to inspect a knife pattern, the wear of a skin, the placement of a sticker on the weapon you’re selling, etc – especially while the buyer is on a mobile device. As a buyer, this allows you to inspect high-tiered items without having to launch CS:GO first.

Instant Field Inspection

Instant field inspection™ provides in-game pictures of the actual skin itself. Sellers can select this option when you list your item for sale.

This is one of the several features we’ve introduced recently, as we at OPSkins are constantly working to improve our customers’ experience. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Click the checkbox to select the "instant field inspection" option
Click the checkbox to select the “add field inspection” option when listing your item for sale.