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Month: July 2016

Same Day Cashouts are Now Issued Within an Hour!

Two months ago we announced same-day PayPal cashouts. Then we said, “let’s make this even faster.” So beginning today, when you choose a same-day PayPal cashout, you’ll receive your funds within an hour.

That’s right – not only will your wallet funds be added to your account immediately after the sale instead of six hours (another new feature we added earlier this week), you can now also get the money in your PayPal account in less time than it takes to catch a ZubatNothing has changed with standard cashouts.


How to Get your OPSkins Cashout in an hour:

  • List your item for sale
  • After it sells, you’ll receive your OPSkins wallet funds right away. Then go to the Cashout page
  • Select “Request Same Day Cashout”
  • You’ll receive the funds in your PayPal account within an hour.

If you have any issues or questions about the process, you can submit a support ticket under Cashout Issuses and we’ll help you out!


New Trading Feature on

Happy Friday everybody.  We are pleased to announce a much requested improvement to the OPSkins marketplace.  Trades on OPSkins are now completed nearly instantly.  Buyers and sellers both benefit from this reduced order completion time:

  • Sellers get OPSkins wallet funds instantly!
  • Buyers receive immediate delivery of their new item!

OPSkins’ latest feature eliminates a common gripe among sellers – the possibility of waiting hours for a trade to be finalized.   Up till now, sellers might wait up to 6 hours to receive wallet funds because buyers had six hours to accept a trade offer.  A listed item was in limbo until the trade was completed.   If a buyer failed to accept delivery during the allotted 6 hour period, the trade was cancelled.  The seller lost the chance to sell to someone else during this time.

Occasionally, this system was abused.   “Buyers” – who were actually sellers in disguise – could temporarily remove a lower-priced item from the market so they could sell their identical item at a higher price.  

As always, OPSkins listened to the community’s concerns.  We have now created a system that is not just fairer, but we believe also better for both buyer and seller. Effective immediately we removed the item acceptance time period (previously 6 hours).  When you combine this accelerated order completion process with our popular same-day cashout option, it is now possible to convert your item into cash in your bank account in less than a day.

So what does this mean for buyers?  Now when you purchase an item you do not need to log into your Steam account in order to accept the trade offer.  It will automatically go into your OPSkins inventory. This is beneficial if you’re having a problem with your Steam account, don’t have 2 factor authentication enabled, or can’t pick up the item for any other reason.   You still get your item.  

We are excited about this new change to the OPSkins marketplace.  And please let us know what you think!


CS:GO Knife Pricing Changes: July 12th to July 19th

As we wrote earlier this week, after the announcement made by Valve regarding gambling websites, an interesting but somewhat expected thing happened in our marketplace. Users started selling off their skins at low prices on OPSkins, which flooded the market and caused the average price in the marketplace to fall. (Note: Again, we must reiterate here that OPSkins is not and has never been a gambling website – we are a marketplace where users can buy and sell digital items. We’re no more of a gambling site than Craigslist.) The overall percentage drop for the skins that we used in the previous post about the highest selling skins (by volume) and keys was 9.40%.

Now, there are a number of skins that have always held a special place in the CS:GO community – these are the knives. Knives are by far the rarest and most expensive skins in our marketplace with some of them claiming price tags as high as four figures. Let’s take a look at the sales trend of knives on our marketplace during the past weekend, after Valve’s announcement was made. The market is currently in a phase of stabilization, but it’s been a bumpy road over the past week. Here we go:


In the chart above, we have generalized the Dopplers into only knife models. This is to show overall market behavior, not the behavior of each knife and each pattern. The graph represents the Average Sale Price for each of the knives – so the number takes into account all the Sapphires, Rubies, Black Pearls and Phases that were sold in each day for each knife.

As with keys and the skins we analyzed in our post earlier this week, the drop begins July 12-13th when the announcement was made, then reaches bottom on the 14th, climbs back on the 15th, and stabilizes on the 16th, and continuing to grow at a steady pace thereafter. Again, the graph doesn’t seem too remarkable at first glance, until we show the variation in percentages from the 13th to the 14th of July:


The same approach was taken when developing the above chart with regards to numbers and average prices, and as you can see, the Marble Fades show a more distinct behavior. The Karambits take a nosedive from the 12th all the way to the 14th, drop even further on the 15th, only to climb up on the 16th and plateau until the 18th, and then jump up again on the 19th. So if you bought between the 14th and the 15th. and haven’t sold yours yet, you can make a killing selling it on OPSkins.

Meanwhile the M9s had a less dramatic behavior, with their lowest point being on the 14th and then gradually climbing until the 18th, when they dropped again.

The same goes for the Bayonets who also haven’t managed to come back to their average price from the 12th.

The Flip Knife however, seems to be the least exciting of the four with a starting average price similar to their current one with very little variation to it.

The numbers are as follows, from the 13th to 14th:

  • M9 Bayonet Marble Fade: 13.86% drop in the average price
  • Karambit Marble Fade: 11.46% drop in the average price
  • Bayonet Marble Fade: 11.30% drop in the average price
  • Flip Knife Marble Fade: 5.38% drop in the average price
  • Overall drop in average price of Marble Fades: 10.50%


The Gamma Doppler – the newest knife addition to the world of CS:GO skins and the wackiest in its behavior since this swing in prices. This is mostly because of the Jades, which are among the most expensive skins in our marketplace at the moment. Three of them dropped… hard.

The Karambit Gamma Doppler managed to bounce back on the 15th of July but it has been in a decline ever since. The same can be said for the M9s and the Bayonets. The Flip Knives are the only ones that seems stable, and even so haven’t managed to recover. Their variations from July 12th to 13th were:

  • M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler: 15.18% drop in the average price
  • Karambit Gamma Doppler: 13.25% drop in the average price
  • Bayonet Gamma Doppler: 38.16% drop in the average price
  • Flip Knife Gamma Doppler: 12.45% drop in the average price
  • Overall drop in average price of Gamma Dopplers: 19.76%

The market is in a phase of stabilization from last weekend’s drop. Most skins are showing a similar behavior overall, and the sale price for the expensive skins hasn’t changed, because they are more akin to commodities or long term investments rather than frequently tradeable commodities. Buying an expensive skin can be compared to owning a Ferrari in the sense that if you have the right model, it becomes a collectible, and as such it gains value over time due to its rarity. In that sense they do not show the current state of the market because they are so few and far in between that their sells rarely affect the overall state of the market.

As an online marketplace we will continue to report on the changes in skin prices to keep our customers up to date with market behavior.


OPSkins’ Statement Regarding Valve’s Letter to Gambling Websites

Yesterday Valve Corporation sent a letter to some sites regarding their previously announced restrictions on CS:GO skin gambling. Valve’s letter identified a number of gambling sites and instructed them to cease and desist from using Steam. We understand Valve’s latest enforcement action is intended to directly address unregulated skin gambling. As we expected, OPSkins was not included in the Valve list of offending sites.

OPSkins is not and has never been a gambling site nor has OPSkins ever had any ownership in a gambling site. We appreciate the tremendous trust and support the Steam Community has placed in us and we look forward to continuing to serve you as we enter our 3rd year of operations. As always, we will keep the community updated.


Changes in CS:GO Skins and Keys Pricing since Valve’s Gambling Announcement

As you’re probably well aware, on July 13th Valve issued an announcement regarding CS:GO gambling sites. The announcement stated:

“Using the OpenID API and making the same web calls as Steam users to run a gambling business is not allowed by our API nor our user agreements. We are going to start sending notices to these sites requesting they cease operations through Steam, and further pursue the matter as necessary. Users should probably consider this information as they manage their in-game item inventory and trade activity.”

Following this announcement, many CS:GO players unloaded their item inventories onto OPSkins (which we would like to reiterate is NOT a gambling site, and is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to trade their items with each other). As we stated, since we aren’t a gambling site, we don’t know how this will affect us but we don’t believe that we will be asked by Valve to shut down, and are operating 100% normally. What followed was something akin to a stock market crash in our marketplace. Here’s some graphic proof showing the price changes in some of the most popular items sold on OPSkins:


If you remember from a previous post, the lines on this graph represent the six most sold CS:GO skins in our marketplace, with the AK-47 Redline (Field Tested) being the gun skin that moves the most amount of units overall. The lines clearly show a decline starting on July 13th with a drop on July 14th, followed by a climb and somewhat stabilization on July 15th and 16th. It doesn’t look too drastic at first sight but when you look at the variance in average price, you can clearly see the impact the announcement had:

  • AK-47 Redline (Field Tested): 7.11% drop in the average price.
  • AWP Worm God (Minimal Wear): 13.56% drop in the average price.
  • Glock-18 Water Elemental (Field Tested): 10.53% drop in the average price.
  • AWP Asiimov (Field Tested): 9.67% drop in the average price.
  • AWP Worm God (Factory New): 8.00% drop in the average price.
  • Glock-18 Water Elemental (Minimal Wear): 7.50% drop in the average price.

When added together, the average drop for these skin prices was 9.40% between July 13th and July 14th. To put it into context, remember the last time the Dow Jones (a U.S. stock market index) dropped that hard (7%), the world fell into an economic recession.

We can also look at the behavior of the case keys in our marketplace this past weekend since they are also a measurable representation of the skins economy:


Dramatic isn’t it?

First thing to note: The keys listed here are the highest selling volume keys in our marketplace. The price for all of them, except for the Chroma Case Key, seems to have stabilized between July 15th and July 16th, but at an average price lower than before July 13th. The variance in price for each one of the keys was more uniform than the variance in price for the gun skins (mostly because the keys are listed at a similar price and because traders used them to assess the price of a skin). Their variance from July 13th to July 14th was:

  • Operation Breakout Case Key: 6.80% decline in average price.
  • Operation Wildfire Case Key: 6.80% decline in average price.
  • Revolver Case Key: 6.37% decline in average price.
  • Shadow Case Key: 5.88% decline in average price.
  • Chroma 2 Case Key: 5.37% decline in average price.
  • Chroma 3 Case Key: 5.31% decline in average price.
  • Chroma Case Key: 5.24% decline in average price.
  • And the average was of 5.96% variance.

The sales during the next few weeks will be indicative of the state of the changes in the skins trading economy, and we’ll be reporting on it. As the largest online marketplace of it’s kind, OPSkins has worked tirelessly to create a safe trading platform for the community. As we stated in a previous post, we are here to facilitate the trade of CS:GO skins and to protect our customers from fraud. We appreciate the trust our community has placed in us and we will continue to evolve with the market changes to ensure your valuable item inventory and deposits can always be safely managed on OPSkins.


OPSkins’ Official Statement Regarding Valve’s Recent Trading Update

OPSkins was founded in 2015 as a safe and secure marketplace for people to buy and sell their digital items. As active gamers ourselves, we personally understood the challenges and risks of trading valuable digital items with unverified third parties. Sellers risked chargebacks, and buyers risked non-delivery of the item they just purchased. We believed a better solution was both necessary and possible. With OPSkins, our customers have successfully completed millions of transactions over the past 2 years without issue. We appreciate the trust our community has placed in us and we strive every day to exceed your expectations.

As our community is well aware, OPSkins is not and never has been a gambling website. Some recent media articles concerning the lawsuit against Valve Corporation alleging underage gambling with CS:GO skins have incorrectly labeled OPSkins as a gambling site. That is clearly not correct. OPSkins is a digital item marketplace – a platform that responsibly connects buyers with sellers of in-game virtual items.

With Valve’s recent announcement that it will no longer allow gambling websites to access the Steam API, we have received a number of inquiries from our community regarding how this new restriction will effect OPSkins. We have received no communication from Valve that OPSkins’ access to the Steam API will be blocked or limited in any way. Furthermore, based on Valve’s recent public statement, we do not anticipate any disruption in our trading services.

Should there be any change to this situation, we will promptly notify our community members. As we have done since our founding, we promise to continue exercising the utmost care in handling your valuable item inventory and deposits.

Finally, some of you have asked if there is anything you can do to ensure that OPSkins continues to provide its valuable trading services to the Steam Community. We appreciate your support and we welcome any public expressions of confidence and trust OPSkins has earned with you over the past 2 years.


CS:GO Major: SK wins the ESL:One Cologne Major

Image from: @ESLCS
Image from: @ESLCS

On the last day of the ESL:One Cologne Major Tournament, and after some great performance by SK, we have our Cologne champions!

The Brazilian team showed once again that they are the top team in the world, this time by winning a second Major title (previously with Luminosity Gaming).

Two other teams have achieved this award of winning two or more Major titles – French team EnVyUs won a major in 2015 and previously under the LDLC name in 2014. Fnatic is the only team that has won a Major title three times (two in 2015 and one in 2013).

It is important to note that since Valve announced they will be making the prize pool $1 million, starting with the MLG Major in Columbus and now this Major in Cologne, the Brazilian team won both of them earning a total of $1 million in total ($500,000 grand prize for each Major).

The team that faced SK was no other than Team Liquid, but the American team was unable to win the final. However getting there was nothing short of impressive. Liquid had to play against Na’Vi and Fnatic on their way to the finals and won both games in an outstanding manner.

The series started on Train, and SK won the first three rounds but lost the first buy round to Liquid. SK was in the lead 4:1 but Liquid was able to close the gap by the time the first half ended 8:7 in favor of SK.

SK won the pistol round, and continued stomping the American dream round after round, winning the first map 16:7.

The second map was Cobblestone, perhaps a map known for being Liquid’s map of choice and coincidentally it was the map that granted Luminosity the Major title in Columbus during the previous major.

Liquid started by winning the pistol round and the one that followed it, but the Brazilians turned the score around after winning an eco round. The score was 4:2 in favor of SK and Liquid managed to win three of the nine remaining rounds before heading into the second half 10:5 in favor of SK.

SK won the pistol round and two more, but Liquid claimed the first buy round. Unfortunately for the American team it wasn’t enough to stop the Brazilians, as they closed the game 16:6 and took the title home.


CS:GO Major: ESL One Cologne Day 5 Recap

Image from: @ESLCS
Image from: @ESLCS

Day five of the ESL:One Cologne Major came to an end, and only two teams remain to fight for the ticket and the biggest share out of the $1M prize pool.

Team Liquid will be fighting SK Gaming, the group of players that won the Columbus Major in April under Luminosity Gaming Banner (SK acquired LG’s roster July 1st). vs SK

Game 1:

The first semi final of the day was played between Polish team VP and Brazilian team SK. The first game was played on SK’s chosen map, Cobblestone.

SK started on T-Side, and took the pistol round and the two following rounds, but VP tied the game 3:3 and eventually took the lead 6:3. Liquid was able to win three more rounds, but VP closed the first half in the lead 9:6.

SK tied the game after winning the pistol round and the two anti-ecos 9:9, and eventually gained the lead 14:11, but the Brazilians were not able to break the Polish defense and the game eventually went into overtime.

The game ended 19:17 in favor of, and the series continued into the second game.

Game 2:

The second map was Nuke, VP’s pick. SK took an early advantage after winning the pistol round and three consecutive rounds for a 4:0. VP responded and won a round, but that wasn’t enough to break SK’s CT-Side.

By the end of the first half SK had the lead 12:3 and despite being able to win the pistol round and the one that followed it, the Brazilians were able to tie the score by taking game two 16:5.

Game 3:

The third and last game of the series was played on Mirage, and as it happened on all previous games of this series, SK started by taking the pistol round in the first half.

Virtus had a long win streak to take the lead 3:7, but SK was able to claim three out of the five remaining rounds on the first half and shortened the distance 6:9.

SK won the second pistol round, and after winning two more rounds tied the score 9:9. But that wasn’t enough for the Brazilian team, as they extended the distance 9:12, eventually winning the game and advancing to the finals by defeating 12:16 in game three.

Team Liquid vs Fnatic:

Game 1:

The first map of the second semifinal was Cobblestone, and Fnatic started by winning the pistol round and the two following anti-ecos.

Liquid won three consecutive rounds, and after dropping one point to Fnatic, the American team went on to take seven out of the eight remaining rounds from the first half, claiming the lead 10:5 on T-side.

The second half started strong for Fnatic. The Swedish team won the pistol round and two anti-ecos, and eventually turned the score around as they won five consecutive rounds, 11:13. But liquid was in it to win it, and after five consecutive wins took the first map of the series 16:13.

Game 2:

The second and last game of the series was played on Cache, Fnatic’s map of choice. Starting on the T-side, the Swedish team won the pistol round and the two following ones. But on the first buy round, Liquid turned the score around and went on an eight round streak, eventually closing the first half 11:4 after losing only one more round to Fnatic.

Once on CT-Side, Fnatic turned the score in their favor after winning nine consecutive rounds, taking the lead 11:13, but the American team closed the game and advanced to the finals after winning five rounds in a row 16:13.

This is the first time a North American team advances to a Major final, it is also the first time that a Major Final will not feature an European team.  This final will feature a North American and a South American team, making it the first “All American” Major Final, the winner will be taking home $500,000.



CS:GO Major: ESL One Cologne Day 4 Recap

Image from: ESL
Image from: ESL

We finally got to see what a packed Lanxess-Arena looks like. Day Four has come to an end, and we have the four teams that will be playing the Semifinals for the 2016 ESL:One Cologne Major.

There’s two more days to go before the title for the Major (and a share of the $1M prize pool) goes to the winner. vs Astralis

Game 1:

Astralis started on T-side of Overpass, and quickly picked up the pistol round, but the Polish team took control quickly and by the end of the first half established a lead 12:3.

After a long streak in the second half, the Danish team managed to tie the game up 13:13. It was a great comeback by Atralis but being one point away from winning the game, VP tied the score 15-15 and pushed it into overtime. ended up winning the first game 19-17.

Game 2:

The second map of the day was Train. Astralis once again took the pistol round but this time it was different, and the long streak went in their favor as they ended the first half 11:4.

In the second half Astralis started by taking the pistol round, and eventually claimed a lead 14:5 but after a huge comeback effort from VP the score turned into a 15:15 and once more, went into overtime. classified to the semifinals after beating Astralis 19:15 on the second map. Astralis takes home $35,000 and gets a direct seed to the next Major thanks to their “Legends” status earned by finishing between the eight best teams in the tournament.

It wasn’t an easy game for Astralis, the team had to play the games without two of their original members. Before the major the team aquired Markus Kjaerbye” Kjærbye and before heading into the Playoffs Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann suffered from appendicitis forcing the team to play with their coach as a replacement.

 SK Gaming vs FlipSid3

Game 1:

The first map played was Mirage, and SK took the lead quickly while on T-Side 7:1. Flip was unable to hold them longer as they ended the first half with a 12:3 lead. The pistol round on the second half went to SK, but Flipside answered with a pistol round that granted them the round and the three following ones putting the score 13:7 before the Brazilians closed it 16: 7

Game 2:

Nuke was FlipSid3’s map of choice, and it showed early on in the first half as the CIS team established a 6:0 lead. But SK was able to respond to it and won every single remaining round of the first half turning the score in their favor 6:9.

In the second half SK started by winning the pistol round and the two anti-ecos. The game eventually went into overtime as Flip struggled to push the series into a third game. SK won the game 17:19 and advanced into the Semifinals against

 Na’vi vs Team Liquid

Game 1:

Train was the first map of the series and Liquid started by winning the pistol round and the following one, but Na’Vi tied the score 4:4 after an early buy on the third round.

Liquid closed the first half on CT-side with a nice 10:5 score, but Na’Vi tied the game up in the second half after a streak that ended up granting them the game 11:16.

Game 2:

The second map of the series was Nuke, and the CIS team won the pistol round on the CT-side. The score was tied 4:4 and after winning three rounds in a row, Na’Vi took the lead 7:4. But Liquid responded the same way and tied the score 7:7 before going into the second half with Na’Vi on the lead 8:7.

Liquid started the second round on CT and took the pistol round and two more, bringing the score to 8:10. Na’Vi traded rounds with the American team, but when the score was 12:11 Liquid had a five win streak that granted them game two 12:16.

Game 3:

The last game of the series was Overpass and Liquid starting on the T-side destroyed Na’Vi’s defense as they pushed into B-site several times, securing the first half with a big lead 13:2. Not even a tactical pause was able to help the CIS team in the first half, and the second half was no different.

Liquid started by rushing mid and winning pistol round, eventually finding the rounds needed to secure a position in the Semifinals by winning 16:6.

Fnatic vs Gambit

Game 1:

The first game was played on Train, and the Russian team won the pistol round and the two anti-ecos, but Fnatic gained momentum and by the end of the first half was on the lead 11:4.

The long win streak continued into the second half and Fnatic closed the game 16:5.

Game 2:

The second and last game of the quarterfinals was Cache, and Fnatic started by taking the pistol round and two more rounds on T-side.

The first buy round for the Russian team granted them a win 3:1, but Fnatic put a stop to it and extended their lead 9:3. The Swedish team won the last three rounds of the first half and went into the second half with a 3:12 score.

Fnatic won the pistol round on the second half and that marked the beginning of the end, as Fnatic stomped gambit on the two following rounds, closing the score 3:16.



CS:GO Major: ESL One Cologne Day 3 Recap

Image from: @ESLspain
Image from: @ESLspain

After four long matches of Best of Three games, day three of the ESL: One Cologne Major came to an end.

With the results from today’s matches, we have the official teams that will be participating in the Playoffs after advancing to the Quarterfinals. All the teams that made it this far earned the status of “Legends” and with it a secured spot for the next official Valve sponsored CS:GO Major.

Astralis vs Dignitas:

Game 1:

The first map of the best of three series for Group A was played on Cobblestone. Astralis started by taking the Pistol round but lost the following four rounds after a force buy from Dignitas. Astralis regained control of the match and only dropped one more round heading into the second half 10:5.

The pistol round in the second half went once again to Astralis, followed by the two anti-ecos. Being 13:5, Dignitas managed to bring the score to a 14:14 tie and the game eventually went into overtime.

Dignitas won the first game on overtime 16:19.

Game 2:

The second game of the day was on Mirage, and Dignitas started by taking the pistol round. Astralis looked like they understood their mistakes and won 11 consecutive rounds, and lost only one heading into the second half with a 2:13 advantage on T-Side.

The second half showed a strong start for Dignitas as they won the first six rounds. Being behind 8:13, Dignitas wasn’t able to deny the three rounds Astralis needed to win the game, forcing the series into a Game Three after a 16:14 score.

Game 3:

Cache was the last game of the series, with Dignitas starting on T-Side and winning the first five consecutive rounds, just to drop seven in a row to Astralis. Dignitas managed to win one more round but lost the two remaining rounds of the first half to a determined Astralis going into the Second Half 9:6 in their favor.

On CT-Side, Dignitas started by winning the pistol round and the three following rounds, but despite a tremendous fight from Dignitas, Astralis managed to snatch the remaining Playoff spot for Group A after beating them 16:14 on the third map.

Dignitas goes home after finishing in 9th-12th place and will be taking home $8,750 in prize pool money. Astralis had to play with their Coach as a Stand-in, as Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann had to go into surgery for an appendix infection. As per the rules, Astralis will need to play the rest of the tournament with this Stand-in.

FlipSid3 vs NiP

Game 1:

Overpass was the first map of choice, and NiP quickly took control after winning the pistol round and the rounds that followed it for a 0:5 score on T-Side.

The teams traded rounds constantly before going into the second half with a 5:10 score in favor of the Ninjas.

FlipSid3 tied the score after winning pistol round and the four following rounds 10:10, NiP being one point away from winning it lost three rounds to Flip, but in the end managed to close the score 16:14 in their favor.

Game 2:

The second map was NiP’s selection “Cache” but boy that was a bad decision from the get-go.

FlipSid3 took the pistol round and the score was already 5:0, NiP was not able to find a way to break Flip’s defense and ended the first half 14:1. NiP took the pistol round of the second half, but the CIS team closed the score 16:2 and took Game 2 forcing a third and last game.

Game 3:

The last map played was Mirage, where FlipSid3 continued with their dominating streak and started the map by taking the pistol round and the two anti-ecos, but NiP was able to respond this time and tied the score 7:7, leaving the remaining round of the half to Flip, going into the Second Half 7:8 in favor of FlipSid3.

Once again, FlipSid3 started by winning the pistol round and the two anti-ecos. The Swedish team was unable to break Flip’s defense and went into a Tactical Pause but unfortunately they were not able to find the answer as FlipSid3 took the game 11:16.

With this score NiP will lose the “Legend” status heading into the next major. NiP has taken part on all of the majors to this date by classifying with the “Legend” status, but with this result the Sweden team will need to go through the qualifiers if they want to go to take part in the next Valve Major.

Liquid vs mousesports:

Game 1:

The first map played was Cobblestone, and Liquid started with a five round streak. But mousesports was able to get a streak of their own and tied the game 5:5. Liquid managed to take the first half 9:6 after losing only one more round on the first half.

Liquid started the second half by taking the first three rounds, and after dropping only one round they put themselves in the advantage 14:7, eventually finding the two rounds they needed to win the map 16:11.

Game 2:

Mirage was the second map, and mousesports started by taking the pistol round on T-side and two more, but the American team quickly turned the score around after a long streak that put them in the lead 11:4 heading into the second half.

After losing the second pistol round to the Germans, Liquid managed to secure their Playoff’s spot after beating mouz 16:6 in a convincing manner.

Team Liquid with Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a team to be feared, they showed it during the Columbus Major and they are showing it once again during Cologne but it’s still to be seen if they will be able to beat Na’Vi on the Quarterfinals.

Fnatic vs FaZe

Game 1:

Cache was the first map and the EU team started strong with a 7:0 lead, but was unable to keep it as Fnatic won seven rounds heading into the second half 8:7 in favor of FaZe.

Fnatic went into the second half inspired, as they won pistol round and dropped only one round to FaZe, winning the first game 9:16.

Game 2:

Map two was Mirage, and Fnatic quickly took the lead 3:1, and after a long streak pushed it into a 9:1. The first half ended and FaZe was behind 11:4 against the Swedish team.

The pistol round on the second half went to Fnatic, but FaZe reacted to it by taking the following three rounds putting the score 12:7, but advanced into the Playoffs by winning four consecutive rounds for a 16:7 score.

With this result Fnatic advances to the Playoffs and once again gains the “Legends” title (securing a spot for the next major). Fnatic is the only team that has participated in all of the Valve Major tournaments by qualifying with the “Legends” status.