Month: July 2016

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New Trading Feature on

Happy Friday everybody.  We are pleased to announce a much requested improvement to the OPSkins marketplace.  Trades on OPSkins are now completed nearly instantly.  Buyers and sellers both benefit from this reduced order completion time: Sellers get OPSkins wallet funds instantly! Buyers receive immediate delivery of their new item! OPSkins’ latest feature eliminates a common… Continue reading

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CS:GO Knife Pricing Changes: July 12th to July 19th

As we wrote earlier this week, after the announcement made by Valve regarding gambling websites, an interesting but somewhat expected thing happened in our marketplace. Users started selling off their skins at low prices on OPSkins, which flooded the market and caused the average price in the marketplace to fall. (Note: Again, we must reiterate here that OPSkins… Continue reading

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OPSkins’ Statement Regarding Valve’s Letter to Gambling Websites

Yesterday Valve Corporation sent a letter to some sites regarding their previously announced restrictions on CS:GO skin gambling. Valve’s letter identified a number of gambling sites and instructed them to cease and desist from using Steam. We understand Valve’s latest enforcement action is intended to directly address unregulated skin gambling. As we expected, OPSkins was not included… Continue reading