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Month: January 2016

OPSkins Marketplace 101: Cashing out on OPSkins

Update: 1/21/17 – We also now offer many new cashout methods using the Paylution platform, you can read more about it here.

You’ve sold your items, you got the item you wanted and you made some money on the side. What now?

Remember that possibly the best thing about OPSkins is that you can transform your earnings into real world money. You provide your Paypal email or bitcoin address, press a button, magic happens, and boom, in the next few days you’ve got your money.

OPSkins cashout
Exchange your items and skins for real-life money

Let’s break it down for you:

OPSkins Cashout FAQ’s

Error message: “You do not have enough funds in your wallet to cashout. You currently have $0.00 in pending cashouts. $50.00 cannot be cashed out.”

You can only cashout funds earned from item sales. Some of you might have more than $5.00 on your account and still get this message. And you might think, “but why?” This, my fellow virtual arms dealers, means that even though you have funds in your wallet, they cannot be cashed out because these funds were not earned through the sale of skins in the market place but were added by using one of our payment methods.

“But it’s my money, and I need it now.” If you open a support ticket and request a refund for funds you purchased, our support team will be more than happy to issue one.

How do I change my Cashout PayPal email address?

If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on your account, you can change it yourself. If you don’t, open a support ticket under “Cashout Issues” and keep in mind that you will only be able to change it one time this way.

How do I cashout to bitcoin?

If you wish to cashout using bitcoin (BTC), you will have to provide your BTC address. You will also have to be whitelisted by following the instructions on your account page.

OPSkins Cashouts
OPSkins Cashout Page

Why is the cashout date on the homepage a few days behind?

“It’s January 11th. and the site says: Next PayPal Cashout: January 8th, wtf?” This means that the standard cashouts requested on January 8th are next to be issued.

Where is my cashout?

“I issued a request on January 8th, it’s January 12th and I still haven’t got my money!” Standard cashouts are issued 4-7 days after they’re requested, so it can take up to one week. We also offer one-hour cashouts to your PayPal account for a 5% fee.

Why is my cashout on OPSkins is marked “paid” but there is no money in my PayPal account or bitcoin wallet?

There is sometimes a delay between when we issue the cashout and when you receive the funds. This is completely normal, and you will receive your funds within a few hours. If after 6 hours you still do not have your funds, make a support ticket and we’ll check it out for you.

If you have questions that might not have been answered on this post, you can leave a comment here. For specific cashout issues about your account, you’ll need to open a support ticket and we will be more than happy help.



OPSkins Marketplace 101: Part Two – Buying on OPSkins

You’ve managed to add funds to your wallet and are ready to hit the marketplace for that one-off CS:GO skin. What will you buy? Is it the best deal? Do they have what I’m looking for?


The range of skins available for purchase will depend on the amount of funds you added (obviously). But it will also depend on the type of skin you want to buy. For example when it comes to firearms, pistol skins are cheaper than SMGs. These in turn are cheaper than rifle skins and so forth.

Knives however are expensive and usually compete with the most expensive rifle skins, and you have to be a high roller if you wish to get one. After you’ve spent your time in our marketplace and have managed to find a skin that you wish to purchase, click on “Add to cart” and you will get a message at the bottom of the screen that reads “Item added to cart.”


If you look at the top right corner of the screen, the shopping cart symbol will have a number on it. This number represents the amount of items in it. Click on this icon and it will take you to the list of items in it and at the bottom of this list you will see a box that reads “CHECKOUT.” Next to this box there’s another smaller box with the phrase “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use, and I am at least 18 years of age.” Click on the box and you will be ready to proceed with the checkout.

If you’re buying one item, our bots will initiate the trade automatically and if you’re buying several items at the same time you will receive a trade offer with the items that you chose in the marketplace.


So basically you click here and there, magic happens and you get the items you shopped for. Simple enough isn’t it? Also remember that if you run into any issues during you shopping spree, you can contact our support team and they will be more than happy to help.


UPDATE: Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, H1Z1, and Steam Items Now Available on OPSkins

On the one year anniversary of launching, the largest CS:GO skins marketplace in the world is proud to announce that you can now turn your Team Fortress 2Steam, Dota 2, and H1Z1 items into real-life cash.

To celebrate our one year anniversary and the launch of this exciting next stage for OPSkins and the community, we will be doing a giveaway of $250 in OPSkins Wallet Funds. Click here to follow and retweet us to enter to win. Contest ends on 2/6/16.

Sellers can list their items on and when it is sold to a buyer, the seller can “cashout” their earnings for real-life money. Buyers can purchase items using a variety of payment methods including PayPal, bitcoin, G2A Pay, or existing OPSkins Wallet Funds.

Examples of trade-able items include:

  • TF2: guns, hats, paint, and keys
  • Steam items: backgrounds, emotes, and trading cards
  • Dota 2 items: couriers, wards, hud, announcer, cursors, and chests
  • H1Z1: clothes, crates, bags, emotes
Steam Items
Steam Items for sale on
TF2 Items
Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Items for sale on

Dota 2: Introducing the Winter 2016 Battle Pass, and Items Now on OPSkins

Image from: Dota 2 blog
Image from: Dota 2 blog

With the Dota 2 Winter Major just months away (main event starting March 2nd) Valve decided to try a different approach at the famous “Compendium” – for only $7.99 you will gain access to the new “battleground companion” for the Dota 2016 winter season and the 2016 Shanghai Major Compendium.

The pass includes a new “Quest” system, that lets you choose from three different paths (Support, Carry or Solo) and complete assignments to earn Battle points. Each path offers unique completion rewards, and thanks to community goals you will be able to unlock new styles for your items.

The pass will once more introduce a wagering system, but this time you will receive a balance of tokens to use weekly (during the Frankfurt’s compendium you had to earn the coins in order to wager), that way you get to keep betting every week even if you lose constantly.

The pass will give you access to the winter achievements (additional quests to earn points), a seasonal terrain, battle level rewards (for completing quests and challenges), a season courier, effigies and more.

But this is not all, with the release of the new Battle Pass compendium we are excited to announce that we will be integrating Dota 2 to the list of games available on our site, that way you will be able to turn your items into real-life cash.

To continue with the good news, Valve announced that the three month trade restriction (or delay, as they call it) will be removed from all the items in this Battle Pass, meaning that all the items you can get from the Pass you will be able to sell on OPSkins.

Personally I am extremely excited about both the Battle Pass (I’m a sucker for in game “hats”) and OPSkins adding Dota 2. After all when it comes to Dota, I like giving every hero some love (even the ones I don’t play) since you never know when you will random Meepo and all you have left is to admire your items while you feed the enemy team.


Team Fortress 2 – Nostalgia for Long-Time Gamers, but New for OPSkins Marketplace

Team Fortress 2-2
Versus Saxton Hale – Screenshot by Hades |

Oh, Team Fortress 2. A game which I had spent many of years of my life playing. From Competitive to Community servers, I’ve seen it all. I never would have imagined that years later it would become my job to write about the game for – the world’s largest marketplace for CS:GO skins that now sells TF2 items.

As a young(er) gamer, Team Fortress 2 was one of those games where you could have endless hours of fun with your friends, and even make a few more friends along the way. While it may not have been the best game in the universe, it certainly made up for it’s shortcomings in comical entertainment value.

I mean, that is basically what it was – stereotypical depictions of characters from various backgrounds and ethnicities pegged on a rag-tag team of mercenaries in a cartoon-like world where the strangest and most unsettling, yet quite hilarious, events that could happen did indeed happen on the regular.

It could range from your un-dead boss telling you to literally roll his rival into the pits of hell, to squaring-off with a bare-chested, hairy, proud, tough, and very patriotic Australian man who thinks of nothing better to do than to beat everyone and everything he sees as threatening to a bloody pulp, to even a washed-up and whiny old wizard who thinks of nothing but revenge against his old room-mate who “killed” him and burned his corpse. It was an honest mistake, I swear! Yes, Team Fortress 2 was a game I had years of fun playing. Cue nostalgia music.

That’s also only scratching the surface of what you could find in the game. There were many game-modes, from those created by Valve to Community-made ones that made the game entertaining. The most popular ones were Versus Saxton Hale, Pass-Time, Jailbreak, TF2Ware, Freak Fortress, Smash Bros, Randomizer, x10, Dodgeball, Fortwars, and Deathrun. Some were good, and some were not so good, but each one made the game what it is.

I am proud that hosts a new trading marketplace for the game. I definitely feel a bit of nostalgia when I think of my time spent on Team Fortress 2 and how excited I would have been from a gamer kid point of view that OPSkins started selling items.

Team Fortress 2-1
Strange Happenings – Screenshot by Hades |

I will go into detail on the game modes next time. For now, have fun trading!


Soviet Legacy: The AK-47

“Today was a good day…” – Ice Cube.

StatTrak™ AK-47 | Fire Serpent

The worlds most popular assault rifle and the weapon of choice for insurgent militias all around the globe. I’ll let Mr. Cage handle the introduction. It’s been killing people for over half a century now with numbers estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, it’s right up there with atomic bombs and easily qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction.

Similar to its real life counterpart, the in game Avtomat Kalashnikova is exclusive to the Terrorist faction and is one of the most powerful CS:GO guns in players can get. It will dish out 600 rounds per minute through water, sand and armor, it costs $2700 to deploy and has an effective range of 31 m, thus making it the main choice for its faction.

StatTrak™ AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel

In its StatTrak™ AK-47 | Fire Serpent incarnation, the gun fetches $1,032.50 and that price seems to be climbing. This is a gun for well funded Terrorists.

Enter the StatTrak™ AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel with a price tag of $487.50 and a float value of 0.062. The limited amount of units means that the price will jump from one date to another in high bounds so it’s a bit of gamble, but a good gamble at that.

Not far behind is the StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan which has a lower price of $375.00 but higher volume of sales. There are more and users are willing to pay for the privilege of owning one.

StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan

Now watch this.

AK-47 | Vulcan Minimal Wear (No StatTrak™): 148 units sold on average this month at $33.67 each and climbing.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent Minimal Wear (No StatTrak™): 13 units sold at $221.41 and climbing.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

Those are handgun volumes with serious prices. You can safely bet that the gun is as popular in our marketplace as it is in real life.



AK-47 | Vulcan




This is my (CSGO) Rifle, There are Many Like It but This One is Mine

“This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine” – Rifleman’s Creed.

StatTrak™ SG 553 | Cyrex

There are 11 different rifle models and 182 skins, which makes them the most varied weapon in the game. It’s no surprise then that the most famous skins for CS:GO firearms belong to this category. We are going to take a look at the StatTrak™ FAMAS | Afterimage, StatTrak™ G3SG1 | Flux , StatTrak™ Galil AR | Chatterbox, StatTrak™ SCAR-20 | Cyrex , StatTrak™ SG 553 | Cyrex and the StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Blood in the Water. Why? Because StatTrak™.

This post will leave out the AK-47s, M4s and AWPs since each one of them deserves to be reviewed separately. This being said, I’m not covering the most sold rifle skins; if you had the money, would you settle for a Well Worn AUG | Contractor?

StatTrak™ FAMAS | Afterimage

I thought so.

CS:GO Rifles

StatTrak™ FAMAS | Afterimage

Certainly a looker, this French-made rifle is capable of firing 800 rounds a minute with relative accuracy at mid-range (21 m or 70 ft) and costs only $2,250 to deploy in game. But what about the skin itself? Well it goes for $17.35 now a days and from the looks of it, this number will continue to climb in the future. It is capable of selling an average of three units a day. Well done France! Or Valve’s French division? I’m pretty sure they must get credit for this somewhere.

StatTrak™ G3SG1 | Flux

StatTrak™ G3SG1 | Flux

Dieses Scharfschützengewehr is one of the slowest selling skins in this post, mostly because of its low numbers in its StatTrak version and partly because the factory in Germany has a quality over quantity approach to its production. It is capable of eliminating targets up to 92 m away and includes a semi-automatic rate of fire, which means that if you miss the first head shot, you still get a second chance. In our marketplace its estimated price is $22.35 and climbing.

StatTrak™ Galil AR | Chatterbox

Israeli-made, internationally distributed and used in game by Terrorists, this gun is aimed at making short work of the enemy players for a low price. It possesses a high rate of fire and acceptable range, not to mention a $71.21 price tag in our marketplace which is also climbing. It does sell at a slow pace, but then again, there aren’t that many and not everyone has $72 just lying around.

StatTrak™ Galil AR | Chatterbox

StatTrak™ SCAR-20 | Cyrex

The first of the Cyrex series in this post and a joint effort between the United States and Belgium. With a similar range and a semi-automatic rate of fire, this weapon is the counterpart of the G3SG1. You can get one in our marketplace for an average of $21.36.

StatTrak™ SG 553 | Cyrex

StatTrak™ SCAR-20 | Cyrex

This Swiss-made, Terrorist used assault rifle includes the option of a scope with a high rate of fire which results in precision shots at medium range or a chance to take out another player at a long range; never mind the fact that it possesses armor penetration. If you wish to engage targets from a medium to a long range, this is one of your best bets. Now, if you want a skin that proves to be a good investment, you might want to look somewhere else since its price has been dropping at a steady rate in the last few months.

StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Blood in the Water

The only sniper rifle in this list, it is basically the poor mans AWP, but by no means a let down. It has a shorter range and armor penetration than the AWP, yet it can take out all targets if it lands a head shot. This skin is definitely a good investment as it has a price that is constantly climbing and sells an average of three units per day at $79.13. Anyone can come across poor when compared to one of the most sought after skins in the CS:GO community.

StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Blood in the Water

Which one would you want to add to your inventory?


Introduction to Counter Strike: Global Offensive Part Two – The Competitive Scene

In-game Competitive Lobby – Screenshot by Hades |

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is well known for it’s Competitive scene. I’ve already discussed the basic rundown in an earlier post, but I will talk a little more in-depth about what happens.

CS:GO has two ranking systems: one is the Competitive Ranking System, the other you gain by getting experience points from matches (or Missions when there are campaigns going on).

The Competitive Ranking System assigns you a rank based on how well you play in the games. It is required that you reach level three in the regular system before being able to start playing in Competitive games. After you play 10 matches, you will then be assigned your starting rank.

Matches are fast-paced and can leave you struggling if you don’t know what you are doing, so it is best to play with friends so they can teach you the game. Each match is best of 30 rounds, so if a team wins 16 rounds they win the match. They can also tie by each having 15 rounds won. At round 15, the teams switch sides – the Terrorists become the Counter-Terrorists and vice-versa. Either team can call a Timeout as well, which pauses the game for 60 seconds. Due to an honor system, if you abandon a match before it is complete then you can receive a temporary ban from playing other matches. You may also receive a temporary ban for getting voted out of the match by your team.

Players constantly try to test their skills by climbing the rank ladder, vying for the top. It’s a constant battle to rank up, while trying to keep from losing said rank and dropping lower on the ladder. It even spawned it’s famous eSports scene, where professional players make a grab at the top spot in the tournament they currently are playing in, and some good reward money to boot.

Now let’s look at the specific terms and weapons that are used in Competitive games.

Competitive CS:GO Terms:

Spraying is when a player holds down the button to shoot without letting go. Spray Pattern refers to the way a weapon’s bullets fan out when it is fired. Each weapon has a predictable pattern, and can be seen when you shoot against a straight blank wall.

Picks are when a player manages to kill an enemy. An easy definition to understand, but hard to employ.

Lurking refers to when a player doesn’t follow the rest of the group when they go to one of the Bomb Sites, instead they sneak around different areas of the maps in order to get picks.

A Rush refers to when your team tries to take a Bomb Site by going straight in and killing everyone quickly, instead of taking it slow trying to make sure it is clear.

Peeking refers to when a player looks around a corner to try to get a shot on an enemy, or at least see where they are.

Pistol Round refers to the first round in every match, where both teams start with the ability to afford pistols only.

Eco Round refers to when players try to save money in order to be able to buy good weapons the next round.

Competitive CS:GO Weapons:

In-game purchasable weapons are split into five categories; Pistols, Heavy (Shotguns and Light Machine Guns), Rifles, SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns), and Grenades. These categories are mostly self-explanatory as to what you’d find in them, aside from Heavy (more on that below). The Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams have some variances to certain weapons that each team utilizes, and alternatives to some of the available weapons.

Pistols CT
Pistols available to Counter Terrorists – Screenshot by Hades |


Counter-Terrorists have the USP-S (Alternate choice is the P2000), Dual Berettas, P250, CZ75-Auto (Alternate choice is the Five-seveN), and the Desert Eagle (Alternate choice is the R8 Revolver). Terrorists have the Glock-18, Dual Berettas, P250, CZ75-Auto (Alternate choice is the Tec-9), and the Desert Eagle (Alternate choice is the R8 Revolver).


Counter-Terrorists have the Nova, XM1014, Mag-7, M249, and Negev. Terrorists have the Nova, XM1014, Sawed-Off Shotgun, M249, and the Negev.


Counter-Terrorists have the MP9, MP7, UMP-7, P90, and the PP-Bizon. Terrorists have the Mac-10, MP7, UMP-7, P90, and the PP-Bizon.

Rifles T
Terrorists Available Rifles – Screenshot by Hades |


Counter-Terrorists have the Famas, M4A1-S (Alternate choice is the M4A4), SSG 08, AUG, AWP, and the SCAR-20. Terrorists have the Galil AR, AK-47, SSG 08, SG 553, AWP, and the G3SG1.


Both teams have the same choices for Grenades; High Explosive, Molotov (Terrorist) or Incendiary (Counter Terrorist), Flash, Smoke, and Decoy Grenades.

That concludes the explanation of the Competitive game mode, and of Part 2. See you in Part 3!


Na’Vi defeats Luminosity and wins DreamHack Leipzig

Image from: DreamHack Leipzig
Image from: DreamHack Leipzig


The CIS team had an amazing run at the  DreamHack ZOWIE Open in Leipzig, and claimed the title with a perfect record of 6-0. While this achievement is nothing short of impressive, it is important to note that the biggest contenders were not invited or qualified to the event.  Teams such as Fnatic, NiP and EnVyUs are known for bringing a bigger rivalry into the matches.

Earlier this month  we saw Fnatic demolish Na’Vi at the StarLadder i-League in Minsk (Belarus) with a 2-0 score.

The Brazilian team Luminosity proved once more that they are a team to be feared, and classified to DreamHack’s finals by defeating Team Astralis (former team Questionmark).

The first map played was Train. Luminosity was off to a good start on game one against Na’Vi and after turning the first half into a 9-6 in their favor (playing CT), they were in motion to take the first game off of Na’Vi. But the CIS team stayed strong and performed accordingly on CT, bringing the game to a 14-11 score. Luminosity fought it until the end, and managed to push the game into overtime, just to lose it 19-16 to a stronger Na’Vi.

Game two was more of the same story. Luminosity was off to a good start on Cobblestone but Na’Vi showed dominance and turned the game in their favor, forcing Luminosity to fight for the last two points, bringing the game once into overtime, just to lose it to Na’Vi 19-16.

The year is just starting and we are getting closer to the first CS:GO Major. We finally get to see some trends in the map pools and play styles, the teams are starting to let de_train go through the veto and both Mirage and Cobblestone are some of the all time favorites. While some teams still struggle to play around Train, we are excited to see the strategies that they come up in order to turn this slightly balanced map in their favor.

On the skin side of things, we are not too pleased with the map selection, the best item we can see from the Train Collection is a Tec-9 Quartz, and the Mirage collection is no better. Hopefully we get to see a lot of Cobblestone and overall (putting skins aside) some good Counter-Strike.


OPSkins Marketplace 101: Adding Funds to your Wallet

As we said in a previous post, most large sales or purchases used to take place in forums, where buyers and vendors often got scammed. Now we eliminate that risk by absorbing it ourselves, and transacting skins is now as easy as buying an item on eBay. Buyers add funds to their OPSkins Wallet using a variety of payment methods, and then use their Wallet funds to purchase skins on the site. Let’s go through the basics of getting started with buying skins from the OPSkins Marketplace.

Setting Up Your Account:

By clicking on this link, you will be automatically sent to a site where we will ask you to create an account by using your existing Steam account. After you’ve created your account, you’ll be prompted to activate your 2FA by means of downloading Google Authenticator on your mobile phone. If you’re not familiar with this term, please uninstall CS:GO and Steam from your computer, throw it away, and proceed to put yourself in a nursing home.

One more hurdle left to go. After setting up your 2FA, we will need you to go into your account and fill out all the required information. Now you might be thinking: “Why do you do this? This is BS, it’s just a skin, why do I have to give my personal information?” Well we do this in order to prevent fraud and identity theft. The foundation of our company was built on fraud prevention and since we are the ones absorbing the risk of the transaction, we need to do our due diligence to ensure that fraud does not take place on our site.

On that same account page you can see your transaction history, including items sold, money earned and spent. When you’re done setting up your account, you can proceed to add funds to your wallet.

Opskins account info
Account information entry page

In order to do this you will click on a tab on the top of the site that says Add Funds. Let the purchase begin…

Payment Methods:

Adding OPSkins Wallet Funds

You can acquire a set amount of funds that can be used in the marketplace from $10 to $500. Add them to your shopping cart by clicking on the orange box that says “Add to cart” and the amount will be added to the cart (deep). Now you’re able to proceed with the checkout. We offer four payment methods, which each have various pros and cons:

  • PayPal
  • Paymentwall
  • Bitcoin
  • G2A Pay

PayPal: is by far the cheapest but it also requires the most amount of time to set up. You see, after a certain amount, we will have to verify your account in order to make sure that neither of us (you, the customer and us, the service provider) are made vulnerable to fraud. For this reason we will ask for three pieces of documentation that prove your identity. If you’re thinking that this is harder than getting a gun in most states, you may be right. But by using PayPal, and this is a big but, you will not have to pay the additional fees that are associated with our other payment methods. Please note that you are also unable to add $500 or more every 48 hours when paying with PayPal. Funds generally process immediately once you are whitelisted.

Paymentwall: uses a system that lets OPSkins accept gift cards that were purchased in a local convenience store or a Subway. This is ideal for people with limited access to liquid funds. Funds generally process immediately and there are no transaction limits.

Bitcoin: is similar to paying a for your skin with stocks. You must open a bitcoin wallet (examples include and, but there are many others. Research and decide which wallet is right for you) and proceed to deposit money in your bitcoin wallet that you can then use to add funds to your OPSkins wallet. Funds process within one hour as they need to be verified by the blockchain network. There are no transaction limits when paying with bitcoin.


G2A Pay: is by far our easiest method of payment because it functions as an online store. This payment method will allow you to add funds to your OPSkins wallet by several means, all of which you can view here. This is however one of our slower methods of payment because the transaction must go through their security check which can take up to a few hours. So bear in mind that if you chose this method, we recommend you use it before you go into the market looking for a skin since you will likely not be able to purchase the skin immediately due to the security check delay. There are no transaction limits when pay with G2A Pay.

After you’ve made a purchase with any of these methods, you will receive a confirmation email and the transaction will be registered under your account information. If by any chance you make a purchase and the money doesn’t show on your account within a few hours, you can open a support ticket and our staff will be more than happy to help. Support tickets are answered in the order they’re received and typically in less than 48 hours.

That’s how to purchase OPSkins Wallet funds in order to buy skins on our marketplace. Let us know if you have any questions, support is always happy to help.