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2 New PUBG Crates!

If you’re a collector of skins, then this week has been amazing. First, we had the release of the latest crate for CSGO and now PUBG has announced the addition of 2 new crates to the game.

Up first, is the FEVER crate which is inspired by the fashion of the 70’s and 80’s. The FEVER Crate can be purchased with Battle Points and can be unlocked with Early Bird keys.

Next, is the MILITA Crate which consists the Erangel Resistance Force Outfit and the Miramar Frontiersman Outfit. The Militia Crate will be randomly dropped among the four existing crates and does not require a key to open. And just like the Gamescom Invitational Crate, you can snag a whole set along with a single item when opening the FEVER Crate.

Players will be given Keys and Battle Points on the test server to check out the new skins before they launch on February 22nd.

So be sure to pick up these new crates on the 22nd and let us know which crate you are excited about by dropping a comment below!


OPSkins Welcomes Ballistic Overkill!

We are proud to announce that Ballistic Overkill items are now tradeable on OPSkins Marketplace! You can check out the items from the game here and you can list any items you get from the game that you want to put up for sale here. And don’t forget that if you list your items for sale in exchange for WAX you get a 20% discount on the sales commission.

Ballistic Overkill is a bombastic, brutal, and bullet-filled multiplayer shooter. It blends classic arena shooter action with modern FPS gunplay, giving you a fast-paced class-based shooter that’ll leave your opponent’s bloody on the battlefield. With a progression system that means your wins actually matter and a huge map pool with 4 varied game modes, there’s something for every shooter. Whether you prefer chasing team objectives or the thrill of classic deathmatch, Ballistic Overkill has the gun and the mode for you. In their latest update, Third Strike, Ballistic Overkill has added over 225 new skins and 4 unique items!

So be sure to check out Ballistic Overkill and let us know what your favorite skins are and any other games you would like to see listed on OPSkins by dropping a comment below!


PUBG Update Number 6

Today the developers at PUBG Corp have released an update addressing players concerns as well as a new patch to the test servers.

Since the launch of the game players have faced two major issues, the first being desync and the second being cheaters who have been flooding into the game. Desync has been an issue in the game since the launch of early access. While PUBG Corp has made some progress on this issue, today they have announced that players with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. The studio also stated that they are working on implementing new ways to stop cheating; however, due to various reasons the patch for cheating has been delayed.

The focus of the patch this week is on game optimization and fixing significant bugs. The studio also announced that they will be releasing a roadmap in March. The roadmap will outline new content coming to the game, as well as improvements and modifications to create more realistic game play.

Check out the full breakdown of the patch notes here and let us know what you think about the latest update and what changes you would like to see to PUBG in the comments below.


CS:GO New Clutch Case!

Today Valve Released an update that includes some fixes to Nuke. However, more importantly to the OPSKins community, they have released the new Clutch Case!

The Clutch Case features 17 community created Skin Designs and 24 new sets of gloves!

Along with the Clutch Case, Valve is also introducing the Community Capsule 2018. The Community Capsule 2018 will feature 8 new community designed stickers with capsules now available as in-game offers.

The release of a new case is always an exciting time for the trader community, so let us know what you think about this new collection by dropping a comment below!


OPSkins to Add Etherbots: The Blockchain-Based Robot Wars Game

OPSkins is pleased to announce the upcoming addition of Etherbots to our marketplace! Etherbots is a blockchain-based online game that allows users to collect and build virtual robots, and then duel them with other players across the globe. Etherbots are comprised of four different parts, each of which are unique and scarce, so every robot is customized to the user. OPSkins has partnered with Etherbots to give our customers the ability buy and sell parts on the marketplace. We expect Etherbots to be integrated with OPSkins towards the end of March.

As blockchain technology continues its push into the mainstream, blockchain-based games have been gaining more and more traction with the first viral game at one point hogging the Ethereum blockchain, taking up nearly 15% of all transactions on the ETH network

OPSkins will become the go-to marketplace to trade these ERC-721 tokens, also known as Crypto Collectibles, as Etherbots is the second such token to be added to OPSkins (the first was CryptoKitties). 

What other games or Crypto Collectibles would you like to see listed on OPSkins? Tweet us your request to @opskinsgo!


Battalion 1944 Top 3 Skins!

Battalion 1944 Top Skins!

Recently we added Battalion 1944 to the OPSkins Marketplace. The game is a skill-based World War 2 shooter that has quickly become a community favorite. As we have done in the past for other games that have been newly added to the marketplace, we wanted to take the time to break down the top-selling skins for the game.

Currently, on the marketplace, the Kar98k is the king. The Kar98k | Bavaria, in flawless condition, is currently listed for $129.98; this is the highest priced skin for Battalion 1944 on the Marketplace.

Up next, we have the M1 GARAND | GRAND PANTHER which is listed at $ 121.34.

Rounding out the top 3 is fan favorite the THOMPSON | VICTORY which is selling for $ 111.95.

With the game still being so new, many members of the community are grinding away in the hopes of unlocking these exciting new skins and as more become available on the market these prices will more then likely drop.

Let us know what skins for Battalion 1944 you have managed to pick up and what you think about the game in the comment section below!


Watch Comedy Central show the $61k Souvenir Dragon Lore that sold on

Last week, a Souvenir Dragon Lore sold on for $61,052.63 (item listing here). This week, Comedy Central’s Adult Swim News segment featured the item and, uh, how to explain the sale to your Grandpa. Watch it here:

Why was this item sold for around the price of a 2018 BMW M3?

The Dragon Lore is already one of highest priced items in the CS:GO skins market. This particular skin was in “factory new” condition, and also featured the autograph of Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham of Cloud9 who took home MVP of the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. Throw in the fact that this skin is only available through “Souvenir” crates that are dropped to fans spectating the majors. Rarity + prestige + collectibility = $61k digital gun which has gone down in skins trading history as the Most Expensive Dragon Lore Ever Sold.

As soon as the item sold on OPSkins Marketplace, news of the item began to spread like wildfire and was featured on Dot Esports, PC Gamer, Polygon and eventually Comedy Central’s Adult Swim News.



OPSkins Welcomes Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 items are now tradable on OPSkins! Browse weapons from the game here or list your items for sale here. And as a reminder, if you list your items for sale in exchange for WAX, you get a 20% discount on the sales commission.

After releasing as an Early Access game on Steam just days ago, Battalion 1944 has quickly gained notoriety among skin collectors and old-school FPS fans alike. According to SteamSpy, in less than a week it already has approximately 126k owners, 115k players and has reached 16k daily concurrent players. The game’s visceral and barebones experience is what truly sets it apart from modern day FPS’s, and its skill gap perfect for fierce competitors. Not only that, but they even launched with an extensive collection of beautiful weapon skins ready to be shown off. Needless to say, we’ve been flooded with requests to add the game to our lineup and are happy to announce that we officially have.

To help with your buying and selling, here is Battalion 1944’s Skin Condition and Rarity breakdown:


  • Flawless (the absolute best)
  • Battle Hardened
  • War Torn


  • Unique
  • Legendary
  • Ultra Rare
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

What other games would you like to see listed on OPSkins? Tweet us your request to @opskinsgo!


Highest Selling Items From New PUBG Crates

With the launch of the new update earlier this week PUBG received its first set of new crates since the game left early access and moved into release.  Since dropping onto live servers they have quickly become some of the most wanted items on the marketplace.

While these items are still new to the market two of the items from the DESPERADO CRATE are currently selling for over $1,000 each, the CLOTH MASK (LEOPARD) and the LEATHER HOODIE (WHITE).

Image by raconbang

Due to the limited availability of these items they are currently the highest selling skins in the game, however, as more people unlock them it will be interesting to see what it does to the price on the market.

Along with the DESPERADO CRATE, the BIKER CRATE was also released.  The top-ranking skins within this crate are currently the Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) and the CLOTH MASK (CHECKERED).

Overall the crates have been a nice addition to the game and have been well received by the community. Out of all the new skins which one is your favorite and what items would you like to see added in the future?


Enter to Win Daily and Grand Prizes the OPSkins CS:GO Cosplay Contest!

Calling all cosplayers! We at OPSkins have whipped up something special just for you. From December December 30th-January 14th we will be hosting the OPSkins CS:GO Cosplay Contest to give our community the opportunity to get creative in competing for prizes big and small.

Not only will you have the opportunity to win one of three huge prize bundles up to $1200 in value, but you will also have a chance to win daily prizes for the entire duration of the contest! That means that you can either spend time working on the perfect cosplay for a chance to win the Grand Prize, or work on something smaller-scale for chance at the daily prizes – or go for both since you can win both the daily prizes AND the big prizes at the end.  With that in mind, let’s get into the details of what you can win and how to enter:

How to Enter the OPSkins CS:GO Cosplay Contest:

  • Tweet us your cosplay photos or video to @opskinsgo with the hashtag #OPSkinsCosplay by 11:59pm EST on January 14th. Your entry must include the OPSkins name and/or logo somewhere in the photo or video. 

Ideas for Cosplay:

  • Counter-Terrorist
  • Your favorite CS:GO streamer
  • Chickens?
  • Reenactment of a classic clip
  • Your favorite CS:GO caster
  • Your favorite skin
  • Anything else – get creative! 


The top prize winners will be decided by January 21, 2018. The daily prizes will be announced every day.

Grand Prize ($1200 value):

The Grand Prize goes to the winner of the overall best entry.

  • 1x Razer Blade Stealth Laptop 

Highest Quality Cosplay ($450 value – provided by ROCCAT):

The Highest Quality Cosplay prize goes to the entrant(s) that put the most effort into their submission.

  • ROCCAT 1x Kone AIMO Mouse (Grey Color)
  • ROCCAT 1x Khan Pro Headset (Grey Color)
  • ROCCAT 1x Suora FX Keyboard
  • ROCCAT Taito XXL Mousepad

Funniest Cosplay ($400 value – provided by G Fuel):

The Funniest Cosplay prize goes to who makes us laugh the hardest.

  • 10x G FUEL Tubs
  • 1x Shaker
  • G FUEL Hat

Daily Prizes (1 per day):

The Daily Prizes are for the overall best submission of that day.

  • 5x G FUEL Stick Packs
  • 30% off coupon for the OPShop

So imitate or emulate! Be safe, don’t break any laws, or frighten unsuspecting bystanders. Whether you pride yourself in your cosplay creating ability, or only have time to build a budget cosplay, there’s room for everyone. We’re excited to see what you can come up with over these next couple weeks! Got questions? Shoot us a tweet anytime.